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Trendy green and boho style. How combine fashionable trends of 2017

Interior designers just love green! They appreciate it as a fresh, eye-catching color, the charge of positive energy, and above all – versatility. Indeed, the green can neatly blend into each scene – sometimes, it seduces precious emerald hue, sometimes escapes into discrete khaki, and sometimes delights tone of the first spring leaves. Because green is able to change like a chameleon, always creates a statement of unique, interesting, far from cliché. As it turns out, are not the only advantages of green variations! In the coming seasons green interiors are just super fashionable!

230348_e05ebf50-037c-4924-ad05-906407dfdf66_crop_1050_590_-pokoj-dziecka Trendy green and boho style. How combine fashionable trends of 2017

This is! This year, green definitely taking the lead! Greened confusion must, of course, is the legendary Pantone Institute, which at the beginning of December 2016 decided that the next 365 days will belong to the juicy Greenery. This year’s favorite Pantone, the color of bold, vibrant and extremely optimistic. Do not forget, however, that the temperamental colors on the walls are not always struck choice – sometimes better to smuggle them to the arrangement only as accents. Dulux knows it, so to meet the current trends, has created impressive and yet subdued color palette, oscillating around the trendy green. Rich, inspired by the natural world collection of colors, is primarily a return to nature and harmony, so valuable and sought-after in the contemporary world. Significantly, stylists Dulux happy to combine green with trendy mainstream boho, full of sophisticated gray and moody purple tones. Here are remarkable, friendly and recognized convention, which stormed win this year’s styling.

How green magic inside?

Green is the color, which, despite its distinctive temperament, may well be a theme in the interior. Vivid shades of green, such as Greenery, carry a substantial load of positive energy and vitality, while subdued, pleasantly mute. If you dream of a wall covered in greenery, put more on the latter. Stylish bottle green or mild olive bring to arrange a friendly, intimate atmosphere conducive to tranquility and at the same time make the interior will take on sophisticated character. Juicy Greenery, in turn, can make styling as accents, such as designer ceramics and high-quality textiles. Pillows dressed in a spring tones and decorative curtains in shades of lime, will bring to the rooms a pleasant freshness and will add them DOMINO. Green can thus be either a color base and complementary. The calming neutral interiors with pleasure will play the role of a spectacular counterpoint.

230348_a47f44ad-de01-4aad-873e-5fd9d4aa021f_crop_1050_590_-salon Trendy green and boho style. How combine fashionable trends of 2017

Green on the walls, in the heart of boho

Fashion trends love to walk in pairs! So it is a case of greenery and intriguing trend boho. Both one and the other tends very easily seen in the best fashion catwalks. Roberto Cavalli, Gucci, Dior … the biggest fashion houses consider them an absolute bestseller. As is well known, with high-fashion sector it is close to the interior design. These two fascinating worlds always penetrate and often look for a common denominator. So it is this time! Looking at the current of the boho not difficult to see that it remains very close to the nature. Not surprisingly, that both on catwalks and in interiors, are beginning to reign floral motifs. Arranging domestic spaces, we reach also the live plants – both flowers and herbs. We must remember that boho, it is not only the colors and patterns – it is also a lifestyle strongly associated with the beauty of nature, ecology and conscious concern for the environment.

230348_3ce025eb-a0a9-4737-9022-0a88358d59ff_crop_1050_590_ Trendy green and boho style. How combine fashionable trends of 2017

When the green meets with gray and violet …

Triumph of boho trend and the latest trends in colors inspired designers to create a Dulux color palette full of slightly muted greens. Specialists neatly compile it with gray and subtle, slightly rozbielonym violet. Such obvious trio fits perfectly into the bohemian style. Colors combined with the beauty of living plants, organic forms and natural materials such as wood, bamboo or wicker, create a harmonious, cohesive composition maintained in a somewhat artistic aesthetics.

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