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15 Floor Tile Designs For The Foyer

Greet your guests with something extra special. Instead of boring hardwood or carpeted entrances, why not take up the fashion-forward appeal of your home a notch with a pattern, a color, a design or two. These 15 floor tile designs for the foyer will knock the socks off of every passer-through.

1. Focal Point

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Wow your guests with a focal centerpiece that’s on the floor as soon as they walk in. With a similar design, you can add an artistic presence where its more likely to make a unique impression. Surround your focus with neutral tiles for an even grander entrance inside.

2. Slate Herringbone

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This slate herringbone design from Studio Mcgee is a more traditional choice when it comes to foyers. But, it’s not so traditional that it becomes bland and boring. Instead, it adds a sexy sleekness to your entryway that will definitely be adorned and enjoyed.

3. White Hexagon

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White hexagon tiles could be a fun route to take. Neutral and versatile, the beauty here is in the unique shaping and personalizing of the foyer’s design. Use it as a way to finish off the entrance to your modern home or add something a bit chicer to your trendy, rustic space.

4. Polka Dots

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A bit of a polka-dot pattern seems to be good for the soul, at least that’s what we believe. We love the contrasting, small black tiles sprinkled around this foyer and how it brings new life and style in without straying away from the posh vision.

5. French Painted

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Hand painted tile floors are gorgeous inside any space of the house. Usually seen in bathrooms and kitchens, don’t be afraid to dress the foyer in something similar. Just look at this gorgeous pattern find and how the entrance and hallway could easily be transformed by adding some of this Euro flair.

6. Fun Geo

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We’ve gushed about this space before on Homedit, and we’re really loving it as a means to greet our guests and ourselves into a more eclectic and trendier home. This geo print – being black and white – has a very classic, timeless approach as well. You’ll be able to switch up décor and style with the changing of the seasons.

7. Yellow Victorian

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If you’re inspired by vintage design then you’ll really fall hard for this tile floor design. Pops of yellow blended with bouts of Victorian beauty, your foyer gives off the very first impression of your home. And Balance Design gave us a stunning example of how to do that when searching for an antique flair.

8. Chic Subway

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Subway tiles are probably the most popular and most versatile choice around. Bathrooms, backsplashes, kitchen floors and in the foyer, it will always do its job. AM Dolce Vita showed off how sleek and chic a foyer’s foundation can be when going with a glossy white.

9. Wooden Chevron

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Maybe you’re envisioning a more farmhouse-inspired entrance. Wooden, chevron styles may be what fits that bill and here’s a beautiful example from Studio M of how you can make it happen in a tasteful way. We love this idea especially for when foyers or entryways flow into mudrooms.

10. High Gloss

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Check out this chic, high gloss tile and the stunning, crisp entrance it helps to create! For a no-fuss finish we definitely recommend going with a similar design in a neutral of your choice. Again, you’ll set a solid foundation that can easily blend and change when and if the decor around it does.

11. Small Checkered

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Checkered prints are a timeless choice as well. And the smaller you go the more interest and contemporary appeal you’ll be bringing into the space. Check out similar inspiration over at Enig Wonen.

12. Classic Retro

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Over at Lorri Dyner Design, you’ll see how you can fashion a foyer around classic, retro black and white tiles. Give your home a sophisticated throwback feel by complimenting the space with something similar. Yes, the checkers go well within kitchens but it certainly spruces up the entryways too.

13. Colorful Vintage

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Original Style went with a vintage design at the doorway as well. Don’t be afraid of a little color. Dive in and make bold choices, especially If you’re set on truly transforming your home. And if you’ve got vintage style in mind – this could be your very first step.

14. Modern Art

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Are you inspired by art? If you want no-fuss with a twist of personal style, you may want to create a fun design all on your own. Like this custom, modern art tile floor that’s sprucing up an elegant foyer.

15. Black and white Pattern

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And finally, we leave you off with another black and white design to peak your interest. This is just another beautiful way to set the tone of your home from the moment one walks into the foyer and onto the tile floor.


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