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Why Your Room Needs an Oversized Rug

Not only are they statement pieces, but they can also bring a room together, zone it or simply add the cosy factor

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Most of us would probably agree that a room without a rug can feel unfinished, and most of us probably veer to the standard ‘just-larger-than-the-coffee-table’ size. But are we missing a trick by thinking small? These rooms with oversized rugs prove big is beautiful.

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Let luxe rule
The sheer scale of a large rug will instantly bring a sense of decadence to a space. And, as this lovely living room proves, an oversized rug shouldn’t be restricted to big areas. In fact, where a small rug might make a room feel choppy and therefore small, a large design will have the opposite effect. And just think how a rug like this will protect you from floorboard draughts over the winter. Bliss.

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Don’t want to hide all of that beautiful wooden floor? This custom-made supersize rug lets the floorboards shine, too. If you’re having a bespoke design made, use masking tape to map out the ideal size rug and to make sure your furniture will fit on it.

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Liven up a dead space
Yes, the long leather sofa, pedestal table and look-at-us yellow bentwood chairs are the big players in this hallway hangout, but if it wasn’t for the sizeable circular rug the whole set-up would seem lost and not anchored. Style points should be given for choosing a circular design to match the table. In a high-traffic area such as an entrance hall, rugs should ideally be secured with a non-slip rug grip. The grip will also help the rug to stay neat, without any folds.

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Layer them
Natural fibre rugs are extremely popular at the moment. If you want to go for one, it’s worth noting that sisal is more hard-wearing than jute. The texture a natural fibre rug brings to a room is wonderful, but if you want to add a bit more wow, why not team it with a smaller, contrasting rug on top? Here, the patterned rug creates a real focal point. Also, if you have kids, the top rug will provide a soft place for them to play.

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Like the look of a large rug but are you renting and worried about buying one that fits your current home but won’t fit in your next place? Layering can come into play in this scenario, too. Here, two average-sized rugs put together give the luxe look of an oversized rug. When you move, you have the option of using these together or in different rooms.

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Protect your carpet (and make it more interesting)
Inherited an easy-to-stain pale carpet in your living space? Or perhaps you put one down before kids came along? You can keep the carpet (and the space-enhancing neutral look it brings) by teaming it with a large floor covering in a more forgiving neutral shade. This flat-pile grey rug is a smart choice as it will hide a multitude of sins and it shakes off dirt easily. Love the addition of a second rug, too – it brings a cosy, bohemian feel to the space and you don’t have to worry about it moving about as the base rug will keep it in place. Smart in every way.

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Get into the zone
Extra big rugs are also ideal for breaking up a large open-plan space like this one. In a room that functions as a living, dining and even kitchen space, a rug can mark out each area. Before you buy, make sure the rug for the dining area will be large enough for the chairs to be pulled back and still remain on the rug. This means if you have wood floors, they will be protected from scratches caused by the chairs.

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Divide and conquer
This living room is big (just look at that life-size giraffe!). In a similar vein to the previous room, large rugs can be used for creating more intimate zones in a generous living space. Here, two rugs help to create two distinct seating areas, which both help to make this grand room feel a little less imposing.

If you go for neutral rugs like these, a shoes-off policy might need to be put in place. You’ll also want to vacuum the rugs frequently to prevent stray grit becoming embedded, and a professional clean every year is advisable. Another handy tip? Rotate your rug (or rugs) every six months. Why? It will mean that wear from footfall and even sun fading aren’t concentrated in one area.

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Bring it to the bedroom
Carpet? Wooden floor? Why agonise over which option to go for in a bedroom when you can have the benefits of both by opting for an oversized rug. You’ll have the advantage of stepping out onto a warm, soft surface in the morning, plus you’ll get the natural beauty a wood floor brings. Other benefits? There’s the small matter of soundproofing. The rug absorbs sound, so if you’re downstairs or in a top-floor flat the pitter-patter of feet will be muffled.

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