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What Colour Should I Paint My Living Room?

With so many seductive shades, how do you decide? Read on to make your colour choice easy

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The shade you choose to paint your living room walls really comes down to the atmosphere you’re hoping to create. So, whether you fancy a bright, cheerful space, a tranquil haven or a moody and intimate chill-out zone, check out these gorgeous rooms for some colour inspo.

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Embrace grey
Grey is such as popular shade, and this room illustrates why we continue to love it – it‘s chic and relaxing at the same time. Grey is also a colour that looks great with most other hues, so it’s a versatile choice for a living room. Here, the soft grey walls help the jewel tones of the pink and yellow cushions stand out and they also emphasise the crisp white of the wooden shutters and window frame.

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Be bold
If you love brights and their energising qualities, there are ways to embrace them without overwhelming a space. Here, for instance, the bright coral is tempered by the neighbouring pale pink wall and also the wall of white storage. The designers have also made this look work by opting for mainly black and white ornaments, then adding just a few complementary zingy colours with artwork and cushions.

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Add a wall of sunshine
Another way to ace a bold look is the tried-and-tested painting the fireplace wall tactic. In this room, sunshine yellow brings the feel-good factor. While it makes a huge impact, the adjacent white walls keep the room light and airy.

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Stick to neutrals
This inviting space has been given a warm glow with a combination of plywood joinery and off-white walls. The room is quite open with glazing either side, but the warm caramel-like tones throughout the space help it to feel snug and inviting.

Accents of black and grey work well in this modern space, as they help to balance out the pale brown hues.

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Get the moody blues
Dark blue walls are a great choice for a living room, as they make the space feel more intimate and also form a dramatic backdrop for artwork and furniture. The room here is open and vast, but the deep blue walls create a snug atmosphere. The sleek lines and light colours of the furniture stand out beautifully in front of such a contrasting shade. Want to up the cosy factor? Consider painting the ceiling the same colour.

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Paint it black
Black walls in a living room might seem like a bizarre idea, but this space shows how it can work. Here, they’ve painted the far wall a matt charcoal and added an even darker black to the joinery behind the sofa. The colour works because it is teamed with natural brick and wood, as well as soft red patterned fabrics – all of which add layers of texture and warmth to such a matt background colour.

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Keep calm with green
For a super tranquil living room, consider painting the walls a soft pale green. The walls here give this space a soothing feel and they seem to merge with the view of the back garden. The pink tones of the cushions and armchair add to the relaxing atmosphere, as does the choice of plush velvet upholstery.

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Think pink
It’s a tricky one to get right but, if you choose the right shade, a pink living room can be chic and sophisticated and not at all sweet or girlie. The key is to go for a very pale tone that almost works as a neutral. Here, the soft pink wall is a lovely backdrop to a palette of greys and coral hues. The colours combine to form a cool, contemporary scheme.

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Take in the cool tones of blue
Light blue is a relaxing colour for your living room, but if you’re worried it will look too cold, this lovely space shows how to make it work. The pale blue walls are complemented by a darker blue rug and cushions, and they are also warmed up with the addition of natural textures. A vase of fresh pink blooms is also a great choice to team with blue, as the two colours look beautiful together.

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Whip out the white paint
Of course, you don’t have to choose a colour at all. By keeping the walls white, you’ll give yourself the flexibility to decorate with your furniture, textiles and accessories. In this living room, the bright white walls and ceiling provide a stunning contrast to the black and brown furniture, artwork and accessories elsewhere. Far from being stark, the space is warm and elegant.

Which colour would you choose for your living room walls? Share your thoughts in the Comments below.


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