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Smart Ways to Store and Display Your TV

Not sure how to display the big black box without it taking over the living room? Try these ideas for size

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The living room is normally the place where you curl up to watch TV, but it can be tricky to attractively display this large rectangular object! Bookmark these clever solutions for storing your television and media equipment in style. They’ll help ensure your living space feels beautiful, streamlined and calm. Enjoy the show.

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Put it in a cupboard
If you want your TV to be totally out of sight when you’re not using it, why not pop it in a cupboard? The cabinets here are so simple and streamlined that they don’t distract from the amazing view out of the adjacent window. The other reason this design is so beautiful is that there’s plenty of room for a whole heap of media equipment.

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Line it up with the fire
Prevent your TV from competing with the fireplace by opting for a symmetrical layout like this one. A recess has been carved into a false chimney breast to fit the screen and line up with the fire below. The effect is neat and easy on the eye, with neither feature taking centre stage. In a design like this one, the wires are usually run behind the false wall to keep things streamlined. This type of project, where a fireplace is involved, is a job for a professional, so seek advice.

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Build around it
This great piece of joinery works as both a TV cabinet and handy storage furniture. A low run of cabinets below the television is ideal for storing cables and digital boxes, and even acts as a display space, while the tall units can house a whole host of different sized items. The lit shelves add some interest to the otherwise minimal design.

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Make a feature
If your budget doesn’t stretch to a full-on bespoke unit, why not try something like this? The purple feature wall with TV and simple box shelf for storing digital boxes has created a striking feature in an otherwise minimalist scheme, while a simple low shelf adds even more useful storage.

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Opt for shelves
The designers have made great use of the space here by creating a wall of shelves with enough room for a TV in the centre. Shelves are another good option if your budget doesn’t stretch to bespoke cupboards, and can become an attractive feature in the room. Here, they’ve painted the joinery the same colour as the walls for a contemporary look.

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Go wall to wall
Make room for all your media paraphernalia by using the whole of the wall space available. This series of shelves and cupboards has enough room for the television, boxes and even speakers. The key to making a large area of storage like this look neat and attractive is to plan the size of each feature. The ground-level recesses perfectly fit the speakers, for example, and the two grey cabinets line up with the adjacent TV.

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Build out the wall
The TV area in this ample living space is marked out by the shelving unit cut into the wall. The large protruding storage unit has a wide floating cabinet below and recesses for the TV, other gadgets, books and beautiful objects. Despite its size, the wall/unit feels light and airy thanks to the cut out spaces.

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Hide it away
Another nifty way to hide your TV is to have a professional design a clever screen like this one for you. The two cantilevered shelves are covered with bookends that appear to be normal shelves when the television isn’t in use. The levers then pull up the shelves to reveal the screen when the owners want to watch TV.

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Keep it streamlined
In a completely open-plan living space like this one, think about combining a TV cabinet with a streamlined storage unit to keep everything neat and tidy. Almost everything in this room can be hidden inside the sizeable cupboards and drawers, and a roomy space has been created for the television. The space is so calm and organised, the owners won’t be distracted when watching TV.

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Tone it in
Can you spot the TV? It’s been positioned in a larger recess of the existing alcove shelving. To prevent it from impinging on the design of the space, the owners have cleverly camouflaged it. The shelves have been painted black so that the screen merges into its background and doesn’t distract from the rest of the room. Simple and effective.

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