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Is the Corner Sofa Interiors Trend Over?

Should we ditch this practical classic, or does the corner sofa still have a place in our living rooms?

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Corner sofas have been a staple in living rooms for a while now, and they still seem to be going strong. They’re great for stretching out on, but with other sofa styles gaining favour, are the long lines of the corner sofa going out of fashion? Here’s the evidence for and against.

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Could one of these be a better seating option than the L-shaped sofa?

The seat:
A super-deep sofa
Why it’s a contender: Has all the comfort with added flexibility

Corner sofa designs often feature lovely deep seats, but their L-shape can be restrictive – having to commit to either a left- or right-hand corner can limit future room layouts. By contrast, a simple, deep-seated sofa offers the same glorious benefits of being able to stretch out – but you can easily move it around in the future if you want to mix things up.

The sofa here looks modern and stylish without being too chunky. It also offers the opportunity to add a second, complementary sofa, if you wish.

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The seat: A sumptuous velvet number
Why it’s a contender: It looks chic and luxurious

Sofa styles are moving on. Many of us are gravitating towards plusher, more decorative designs, rather than functional, straight lines. This velvet sofa ticks all the modern style boxes – a gorgeous teal shade, an opulent, touch-me finish and a button-backed design that lends a dash of country house glamour.

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The seat: A modular sofa
Why it’s a contender: You can play around with it to suit your space

If you’d like a sofa that isn’t fixed but still meets your specific needs, then a modular sofa makes a great alternative. This indulgent number means every member of the family can lounge to their heart’s content. But if guests are coming round – or everyone just wants to face the same way for movie night – you can change the permutation in a jiffy. Similarly, if you’re throwing a party and need to clear a space, just move a few sections against a wall.

Another plus: a modular sofa makes a great room divider in a larger space.

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The seat: A humongous armchair
Why it’s a contender: It’s brilliantly space-saving

Your living room seating doesn’t have to take up an enormous footprint. If comfort is your priority, then an oversized armchair could be just what you need instead – especially if space is tight or you live alone.

While sleek, flat-cushioned corner sofas often lack the snuggle factor, a cosy upholstered seat like this was made for retreating to, blanket over your knees, at the end of a long day.

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The seat: A coffee table that doubles as a footstool
Why it’s a contender: Who doesn’t love a multi-tasker?

If what you’re really hankering after is somewhere to put your feet up, then consider investing in an upholstered footstool. It means any sofa instantly becomes more relaxing, as you can stretch out your toes. It also adds a welcome softness to rooms. But it still handily doubles up as somewhere to balance hot drinks – just make sure you invest in a tea tray or two.

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So are we really saying goodbye to the corner sofa?
There’s no doubt corner sofas can take up a lot of space, and their style isn’t for everyone. The above sofa designs would all make great alternatives, but does that really mean it’s time to bin the corner sofa? See if you agree with these reasons for holding on to these L-shaped beauties for a while longer.

1. They’re ideal for stretching out on
The corner sofa was made for comfort, which is great when you want to snuggle down and watch TV. Crucially, the very best corner sofa designs enable two people to lie back and relax, while most ordinary sofas are, realistically, only roomy enough for one to stretch out on – which invariably leads to ‘sofa hog’. They’re also great for socialising, as plenty of people can squeeze on.

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2. They’re great in a simple space
In modern, minimal living rooms like this one, a corner sofa is a super-stylish choice. It has a sleek silhouette that works with a pared-back scheme, and it takes up enough floor space that you don’t need many other large pieces of furniture.

Like any sofa, corners do vary in terms of seat height and depth, arms and squashiness, so always try before you buy to ensure you get one that’s comfy enough.

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3. They look neat
Having too many different styles of seating can make a living room seem a little messy. A corner sofa is a simpler, more stylish option that helps a scheme feel more coordinated with little effort.

Choose a sofa in a light, neutral colour, like this soft grey, for a calming, easy-to-work-with effect.

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4. They can have a cool midcentury look
If you love the sleek lines of midcentury Scandinavian design, an L-shaped sofa will fit right in. This grey corner number has an elegant vibe that’s cool, timeless and ultra-stylish.

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5. They’re a perfect room divider
A large sofa is a great way to divide an open-plan space – and a corner sofa does it even better, as the long arm provides a natural corridor on one side. The dark-coloured sofa here manages to split up this big room with real attitude.

What do you think? Have corner sofas had their day, or are they here to stay? Share your thoughts in the Comments section.

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