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How to Create a Storage Area Underneath Your TV

Make room for your digital equipment with these neat ideas

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A television is an essential item in many living rooms, but we’re often stumped about how to store the digital items that go with it. Check out these ideas for some inspiration on how to tuck a neat storage area underneath the TV.

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Make it multi-purpose
In this airy room, the designers have laid a hearth below the log-burning stove that continues along the wall to provide a surface for a bespoke TV cabinet.

There’s space on the right to store the digital box and other essentials, while the cavity underneath the wall-mounted screen is large enough for plenty of stacked logs, which draw the eye and make an attractive display.

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Widen your options
The designers of this home have used the whole length of the room to create a long, low unit beneath a wall-mounted TV. Underneath the sleek top surface are two drawers for digital boxes and games consoles, while a wide opening at the base of the chimney breast provides extra storage.

The wood panels along the recessed shelf tie in with the parquet floor and add warmth to the slick, minimal design.

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Add a new angle
A classic way to house the television in a room with alcoves either side of a fireplace is to fit a low shelf on one side. That’s exactly what the designers of this cosy living room have done, but with a slight difference.

Rather than design the ledge to be parallel with the shelves above, they’ve taken one corner out to the edge of the bay window. This means the shelf beneath is largely hidden, allowing digital equipment to be tucked out of sight.

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Blend it in with other features
The skirting boards in this period property are quite high, which not only looks attractive, but also provides a perfect edge along which to run a TV shelf. The designers have created a double shelf with a nook for the digital equipment, and the skirting board below keeps the design neat and streamlined.

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Go for freestanding
The television in this space is mounted quite high on the wall, and the cables run down behind the sideboard underneath it. A simple unit like this one is an ideal option if you don’t want to invest in bespoke storage, and this one is on castors, so it can easily be moved to another spot.

When you’re thinking about low storage options for underneath a television, don’t limit your search to TV cabinets. Measure your space and look for low pieces of furniture that will fit. For example, a row of cube shelves could work well, as could a short bookcase or even a shoe storage bench.

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Hide it in plain sight
This TV area looks clean and minimal thanks to a neat storage area beneath the screen. The designers have built up the alcove wall slightly to blend in with the rest of the space, and lined up three sleek, handleless drawers where the owners can store all their digital paraphernalia.

The black details in the predominantly white room help to tie the black screen in with the scheme.

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Keep it simple
For a streamlined option, you could just install a shelf below your TV, rather than a larger storage unit. The space on this partition wall was tight, so the owners went for a neat black ledge, which provides ample room for items such as digital boxes, games consoles and remote controls.

The clever part here is that the ledge continues all the way around the wall to form a handy extra seating area either side of the wood-burning stove.

Tell us…
Have you incorporated any clever storage ideas into the area beneath your TV? Share your tips and photos in the Comments section.

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