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How Many of These Do You Have in Your Living Room?

Here are some styles and designs we’ve seen a lot of in 2017 – have any of them found their way into your home?

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Take a look at this roundup of trends we’ve noticed popping up in living spaces this year, and see if you recognise any from your own home – or perhaps there are some ideas to inspire you for your 2018 design plans.

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Bold botanics
We’ve embraced all things green this year, with houseplants continuing to pop up in all rooms of the home. To carry the trend on to our walls and furniture, designers have been using pretty botanical prints on fabric and wallpaper.

This room combines the two beautifully, with a bold floral paper covering the fireplace wall and some leafy green plants dotted around the space. It’s a look that instantly makes the room feel fresh and welcoming.

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Soothing velvet
Softness is key to a comfortable living space, which makes the profusion of velvet designs on the market such a winner for this room. Opulent sofas covered in luxurious velvet in tones of dark green, teal, pink and burnt orange have been appearing in many living spaces this year.

We’ve also seen the fabric in other parts of the living room, with thick velvet curtains on windows and beautiful jewel-toned velvet cushions on armchairs.

Here, the forest green sofa has been combined with accessories in complementary patterns and a contrasting magenta hue.

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Moody walls
Many homeowners have been swapping their living room’s neutral walls for a darker, cosier look. Inky blues, dark greens and charcoal greys help to envelop the space and create an intimate feel.

The deep blue walls in this living space combine with the natural wood, wicker and jute to make the room feel snug and warm.

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Design from the machine age
Art Deco has been edging its way into interiors this year, and looks set to continue in 2018. The look can be bold in the form of some well-placed hotel-style tub chairs or an opulent mirror – or it can be more subtle, with designs that reflect, rather than directly imitate, the look.

Velvet fabrics, geometric shapes and jewel colours are all reminiscent of 1920s glamour, as is black-edged furniture like the coffee and side tables in this living space.

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Masterful metal
Continuing the luxurious style of Art Deco design, we’ve also been using plenty of brass in our living rooms – either with a gleaming lacquered finish, or lacquer-free with a gorgeous patina.

Look for accessories, lighting and furniture that combine contemporary design with these traditional metallic finishes. The brass coffee table and floor lamp here work beautifully in the contemporary space.

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Traditional walls
Wall coverings are big news right now, and are coming in all shapes and sizes – from cutting-edge 3D cladding to rustic timber planks.

A covering that works particularly well in the living room is period-style wood panelling, like the beautiful blue design shown here. A wall of panelling like this instantly adds an elegant air to your living space and forms a cosy cocoon.

There are companies that specialise in this type of panelling, but it’s also possible to do it yourself – look out for MDF panels and decorative mouldings and beading at your local DIY store.

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Alternative fires
The cosy wood-burning stove has been a firm favourite for warming up a living space for a while now. However, alternative options are becoming ever more popular, with homeowners increasingly going for bioethanol fireplaces.

They’re easy to install, quick to turn on and off, and produce less mess than a traditional log-burning fire – so you can see why they’re winning us over.

Which of these popular design elements have you used in your own living room? Share your ideas and photos in the Comments section, or tell us which styles and designs you think we’ve missed off the list.

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