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7 of the Best Living Space Ideas From Last Week’s Stories

Steal some of these decorating tips, from adding warmth and maximising space to dressing bay windows

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Our stories section has so many great ideas for your home every week that it’s easy to miss some, so to give you a chance to recap, we’ve put together a selection of our favourite tips. Living spaces were in focus a lot last week – here’s a roundup of ideas you can use in your own home.

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Warm up a minimal space
The clean lines and limited palette of a minimal scheme is calm and soothing, but for some it can lack warmth. If you want the best of both worlds, use gold tones to cosy up a minimal scheme.

In this black-and-white living room, a striking gold-toned sofa instantly warms the space. The addition of a gold-legged coffee table, a metallic lamp and some earthy accessories brings even more snugness to the room.

When you’re upholstering a large sofa to add a cosy feel, go for soft, rich fabrics such as velvet or chenille.

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Make your sofa fit the space
Got a tiny living room? Avoid the challenge of hunting for a sofa and make your own instead (or at least get a carpenter to do it for you). The owner of this cosy space has had bench seating built around the perimeter of the room, with the added bonus of extra storage beneath the cushions.

Don’t forget your living room seating needs to be slouchy enough for relaxed TV watching, so make sure the benches are deep and you’ve invested in good-quality foam cushions.

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Divide two zones
This is a smart way to divide the bedroom from the living space in a tiny studio apartment. A shelf unit is large enough to break up the two zones, but the open design lets plenty of light flow around the flat.

It’s a clever and stylish piece, but the feature that catches the eye is the nifty TV stand. The metal column rotates to allow the screen to be viewed from either the living space or the bedroom behind the shelves.

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Opt for a single wall light
If you don’t have space for two symmetrical wall lights, simply fit one instead. Choose a model like this rotating, two-armed lamp that can be angled to illuminate different areas of the room. The unusual design makes it a standout feature, so the lack of symmetry isn’t an issue.

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Embrace a moody look
If you’re in the market for a green velvet sofa, check out this stunning living space. The combination of charcoal walls and soft green upholstery gives this room a snug, intimate feel.

To warm it up even more, the designers have added gold and orange tones in the floor lamp and painting.

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Elongate your room
When you’re looking for a rug, think about how it will visually impact the room. The idea here is simple, yet very effective – a striped rug tricks the eye into thinking the living room is longer, creating a feeling of space. It would work equally well horizontally to visually widen a narrow area.

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Ditch the curtains
Dressing a bay window in your living room? If you prefer the minimal look, check out this beautiful idea and leave it undressed instead. Create privacy with frosted film, as they’ve done here; to give the space more character, choose a pretty design that matches the rest of your scheme.

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What were your favourite design ideas from last week’s stories? Tell us about any tips or interiors that stood out for you in the Comments section.

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