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11 Wonderfully Eclectic Living Rooms on Houzz

Check out these inspiring ways to create a living space that’s big on personality

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Have fun with your living room décor by combining different styles, contrasting colours and adding interesting, quirky elements. Take a look at these gorgeous images for inspiration on how to design an eclectic living space.

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Jazz up with geometrics
A base scheme of pale blue and sage green is brought to life with a mix of bold hues in this bright and cheerful space. The colours range from warm reds to cool blues and purples, with a zingy yellow in between. This vibrant look is tied together by using striking geometric patterns throughout.

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Work in some hot hues
This classic Victorian living room is given a quirky twist with contemporary pieces and shots of bright pink. The bold velvet sofa doesn’t look out of place thanks to the other pink elements in the room, while an animal skin rug and quirky white coffee table bring even more surprise into the space.

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Display your memorabilia
Add instant character to a room by displaying interesting souvenirs and ornaments. All those quirky objects that would otherwise be hidden away in a box can become part of your room. In an eclectic interior you’re free to be as different as you like – in fact, the more unusual, the better. A bright white bookcase like this one is ideal for curating your objects.

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Put together a gallery wall
A great way to add an eclectic feel to a room is by displaying a varied collection of artwork. This wall of paintings and photographs brightens up the white walls and gives the space personality. If you’re going to curate your own gallery, arrange the frames on the floor first to make sure you’re happy with the layout.

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Contrast and complement
Eclectic is all about mixing and matching, and this room does that beautifully. Antique wooden furniture and a Persian rug contrast with a bright white Barcelona chair and tulip table. The wood and patterned textiles warm up the modern furniture, while the white hues brighten up the darker antique tones.

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Create a calm backdrop
An interesting collection of midcentury furniture teamed with unusual objects and artwork give this space plenty of character. The pale blue walls are the perfect backdrop to show off the room’s personality and they tone beautifully with the orange and brown hues in the space.

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Add drama with dark tones
If you’re going to display an eclectic mix of colours and objects, consider having a dark background. The grey walls here create a moody feel and heighten the drama of the offbeat elements. The bright yellow canvas looks stunning against the dark grey, while the adjacent hanging figure adds an element of surprise.

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Combine different styles
Mix ornate Victorian design with industrial elements for an eclectic combination of styles. In this elegant space, the difference is very subtle, with the traditional sofa and elegant side table sitting alongside the more industrial-style coffee tables.

Black hues run throughout the scheme, bringing the two looks together. The dark straight lines of the coffee tables’ legs link to the metal window frames, which are echoed in the chandelier’s ironwork, the black embroidery and the dark picture frames.

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Choose primary hues
This bright, bold look displays a clever use of colour. Primary shades of yellow, blue and red dominate the room and bring cohesion to the scheme. The three-colour backdrop provides the perfect foundation on which to add hot pinks and grass greens. This eccentric look is boosted by an unconventional display of shelves, mirrors and artwork.

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Display vintage posters
For an offbeat feel, display a collection of vintage finds, such as this fabulous gallery of posters. The bright mix of colours looks striking against the blue walls, while the red armchair adds warmth to the space.

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Shelve your stuff
Choose an alternative to the classic built-in bookcase by installing a quirky shelving unit instead. This combination of reclaimed boards and pipework provides a great framework for an interesting collection of objects. Other unusual elements in the room, such as the drawer unit and hanging pendant, add to the eclectic feel.

How have you introduced an eclectic look into your home? Share your ideas and photos in the Comments below.


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