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10 Ways to Give Your Living Room a Summery Feel

Summer’s a season bursting with life and energy, so try these ideas to introduce its benefits to your living space

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Creating the sensation of summer in a living space has lots of benefits. Daylight is plentiful and the mood is sociable. When it comes to colours, the cool of white, the vibrant green of foliage, and hot, hot shades are all there for the choosing. Take a look at 10 living rooms packed with ideas that can bring the season’s brio to your own home year-round.

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Choose delicious colour
An L-shaped sofa in raspberry red brings mouthwatering colour to this living room. It’s echoed in the rug and picture to pull the look together, with a cool silvery grey in the rug, throw and vase to prevent the hot shade overpowering the room. Metal furniture and statement black can also bring balance to schemes featuring blocks of brilliant colour.

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Swap in mirrors
The chimney breast is a natural focal point for a living room scheme. In this room, mirrors above the fireplace take the place of a large canvas to brighten the space by bouncing daylight into the room rather than absorbing it. A group looks less formal than a single mirror and an odd number’s a charm for a pleasing arrangement.

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Fall for foliage
A display of greenery can bring a living space into the summer season. Opt for generously sized palms and even 1970s favourites such as Swiss cheese and rubber plants. Choosing large, broad-leafed plants, or grouping plants in a wall of greenery, can be more impactful than scattering small plants around the room. Space for more? Try succulents for their appealing shapes and show them off on tabletops.

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Change the floor plan
A wall of glass doors makes orienting seating towards the terrace and garden easy, but there’s no reason not to follow suit in a room with casement windows. Arrange furniture so it faces the outside view rather than turning its back on the garden. Opt for low-backed seating designs, too, to maximise the view through the room to the outside.

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Enjoy an elegant safari style
The dark wood furniture and white walls mix in this room is a nod to the hot climates of far-flung locations. Add a sofa piled with cushions to up the comfort levels (especially if it’s a climate-authentic rattan or bamboo design), and keep the room uncluttered for just the right airy feel.

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Free the light
Shelving divides the living and kitchen-dining spaces in this home to create more intimate areas, but it lets the summer light flow freely, too. Avoid cluttering up room-dividing shelves with too many decorative accessories or they’ll begin to block the daylight as much as solid partitions. Tall and compact, like the vases, or small and low, like the children’s toys and art, will do the trick.

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Go sunny side up
Summer should equal sunny – at least some of the time. However, as there’s no guarantee the weather will do what it should, this room uses sunshine yellow as an accent to create the seasonal vibe. Set against a grey backdrop, it’s a contemporary combination and introducing the colour in accessories means it’s easy to swap to a cosier look later in the year.

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Distract beautifully
For a summery look, a focus on the fireplace isn’t what’s required. In this room, the problem’s been solved with fitted shelving that’s packed with interest to draw the eye away from the stove. Try a sociable seating arrangement like this one, too. Sofas and chairs are grouped for conversation rather than looking to the hearth.

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Put it to the floor
Keep a living space airier by opting for furniture that leaves the floor on show. This room has a traditional twist with turned wood legs for sofas and armchair, and a slender-legged metal and glass coffee table that also helps keep the look light. Café-style shutters are winners when it comes to maximising daylight without letting passers-by look in.

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Let colour run riot
Strong colours work beautifully in summer light, so be inspired by this living space where the cushions repeat a variety of tints drawn from the multi-coloured rug. The key to mixing strong shades? Keep the colour volume equal – a pastel will be drowned out by saturated colours.

Do you strive for summer sunshine in your home? Share your photos or tips in the Comments section.

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