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10 Times Cushions Have Completed a Living Room

Get ready to layer up on comfort, colour, texture and pattern – these ideas will turn a plain room into a plush space

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Extra sofa or floor cushions aren’t just a practical addition to a living room – they’ll set the tone, allowing you to refresh the colour scheme without splashing the cash, bringing in bags of touchable texture, adding a flash of instant pattern, and creating a comfy spot to while away a Sunday afternoon.

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Double up the plains
You’re going to see a lot of pattern on the cushions to follow, but before you do, revel in the loveliness that is plain-on-plain layering.

Elegant and understated, in a gorgeous velvet, these cushions are verging on the self-indulgent – and are the perfect foil for the over-the-top faux zebra-skin rug.

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Pile on the pattern
There’s no hard and fast rule for picking out cushions that don’t match, but know this: those in complementing rather than clashing colours and similar proportions, like these, will look more cohesively put-together and brighten a plain room no end.

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Work a monochrome look
If you’re going for a Scandi-style black/grey/white colour scheme, adding pattern and texture with cushions is a must-do.

If you want your room to look effortlessly relaxed and slung together (in a sophisticated way), that means hunting down both plain and patterned cushions that don’t match each other at all.

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Fill the floor
Floor cushions: they’re not that comfortable to sit on, so why bother? The thing is, they’re large enough to make a big impression on a decorative scheme (as here), you can use them as footstools, and they provide handy extra seating for children when you’ve hoofed them off the prime spot on the sofa.

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Add accent shades swiftly
What’s the biggest advantage of a neutrally decorated room filled with neutral-coloured furniture? Easy: you can swap cushions in fresh, lively colours, such as blue and green, from one room to another to create a different, more interesting scheme every time the mood takes you.

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Make a simple statement
Sometimes you don’t need tons of cushions to make an impression. Adding one in the boldest of primary colours to a plain sofa will make a real splash on a scheme. Double the effect by choosing a cushion with an eye-diverting texture.

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Up the comfort factor
In a room that’s all about hard, shiny surfaces and a sleek – but, perhaps, unforgiving – sofa, cushions will boost comfort, so this is where to go crazy with numbers. PS: Smaller ones like these look neater than mid-sized or large designs.

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Dial down the formality
There’s more than a whiff of sophistication in this fabulous open-plan room, with matching sets of cushions at either end of the sofa and on the floor.

Despite that, the space ultimately has a relaxed appeal, because it clashes folksy covers with ethnic-look ones for an eclectic finish.

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Sell the scheme
We all know by now that great big architectural houseplants are the way to go – and you can really take the room-freshening effect they create up a notch if you reflect the foliage with tropical-print cushion covers.

Balance them with soft-toned graphics for a truly contemporary feel.

This small detail packs a decorative punch

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Go for pattern
Whether you’re a fan of florals or love a gorgeous graphic, picking non-matching patterns is a handy trick for making a plain sofa look characterful and inviting. Use them to pick out your room’s existing accent colours and to draw the scheme together.

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