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10 Smart Ideas for Living Room Side Tables

Bring some function and style to your living space with this fresh new look at side tables

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Looking for a side table for your living room? There are a number of options to choose from – you just need to decide whether you want to add a touch of interest, show off your scheme, maximise the space, or simply provide an extra surface when you need it. Check out these clever ideas to find a side table that suits your needs.

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Grab some cube shelves
Some lateral thinking is always useful when it comes to designing a room. Here, a couple of cube shelves have been put to good use and stacked as a side table. The effect is more interesting than a usual table, and it allows for some flexibility. If another surface is needed, the top cube can be removed and placed elsewhere.

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Split up your coffee table
If you can’t find a large coffee table, consider grouping smaller versions. Two square tables form an attractive shape in the centre of this living room. It’s a simple idea, but very effective and again gives the added bonus of flexibility.

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Put it on wheels
A drinks trolley makes an interesting alternative to the standard side table. This one adds a touch of vintage glamour to the space. The wheels are practical too and allow the table to be moved around as needed.

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Revisit the nested table
Nested tables have had a revival lately. Here, they’ve been reinvented in a very modern way. The block design and tonal colours look stunning together, and there’s no arguing with the practicality – three surfaces in one is a win-win.

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Double it up as a seat
Create a soft look in your living room by using a padded stool as a table. If you’re worried everything will fall off, place a tray on top to act as a hard surface. This one complements the tones in the sofa and cushions, and can double up as a handy footstool or seat.

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Pop in some perspex
Stop your side table overshadowing other items in the room by opting for a perspex version. Bright colours and bold patterns dominate this space, so the transparent side table provides an unobtrusive surface in the background.

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Repurpose a dining table
No space for a permanent dining table? How about this clever idea? A drop-leaf table sits neatly in the corner and works as a unique side table and drinks storage. As soon as guests come round for dinner, it can be pulled out and transformed into a dining table.

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Go back to nature
Bring an earthy feel into your living space by using a tree trunk as a side table. This one has been beautifully restored to form a smooth surface. It warms up the grey colour scheme and ties in with the exposed beams above.

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Take the lid off
For a versatile surface, look out for a side table with a tray on top. This one is perfectly designed to slot over your lap, but the tray can also be removed for full TV-dinner indulgence. If you fancy one of these, hunt around as there are tray tables on the market to suit all budgets.

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Make the most of radiator covers
In this pretty space, the radiator cover doubles up as a handy side table. If you’ve covered your own radiator, think about how you can arrange your seating to maximise its potential. Place an armchair beside it and a lamp on top to create a cosy, warm corner.

Have you found a side table idea that you love? Share your photos and ideas in the Comments below.

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