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10 of the Cosiest Sofas on Houzz

When it’s cold outside, snuggle up and get some seating inspiration from this collection of comfy couches

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The best place to be on a cold day is cuddled up on the couch. If you’re looking for some ideas for cosy sofas, check out this selection of snug seats for inspiration.

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Put your feet up
In a shared space, the best type of sofa is one with room for everybody. This huge corner number has been extended even more with a nifty footstool. It’s the perfect spot to snuggle up with friends to watch a film.

This idea of adding a footstool – or even two – would also work with a traditional sofa.

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Cosy up with cushions
Make a sofa even comfier by providing plenty of cushions. This one is loaded up with a selection of soft pillows, all covered in different designs in the same colourway. The shade ties in with the lamp and books behind to create a cosy corner.

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Go for low-slung
Give your living space a chilled-out vibe with a low-slung design. The sofa here is low to the ground, deep and full of soft cushions. When guests arrive, they can sprawl on the floor not far from those seated on the couch.

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Bring in pattern
A great way to cosy up a space is to add texture and pattern. Here, the sofa melts into its backdrop with a selection of patterned cushions that complement the wallpaper. There’s also a patterned throw for added cosiness.

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Get a good view
This L-shaped number offers the perfect spot for curling up with a good book. Place your seating area directly in front of a window to create a snug place from which to look out. The owners have built up a pile of cushions in the corner to make it even more comfy.

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Sink into deep seats
A truly cosy couch needs to be big enough for slouching. As well as the width, you might want to consider the depth. These two dark blue versions have very deep seats, which would make them extremely comfortable. By placing the furniture opposite each other, the space feels intimate and snug.

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Soften with velvet
Add a tactile element to your sofa by upholstering it in velvet. The large couch here is covered with a sumptuous mushroom fabric that would be lovely to sit on. The teal velvet footstool, which could double up as a coffee table, adds extra comfort.

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Warm up by the fire
The cosiness of this living space is created by clever positioning. The two couches are placed near to each other to create a snug area in front of the wood-burning stove. The sofas themselves are quite upright and modern, but the addition of intricately patterned cushions and throws has made them cosy.

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Bring the outside in
This lovely corner couch is a cosy spot in both summer and winter. On a cool summer evening, the owners can throw open the doors and snuggle up with a blanket. In the winter, it’s the ideal place to snuggle down while still appreciating the outdoors.

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Add some bounce
The cosiest sofas are often the squidgiest, and this one is no exception. Go for thick seat cushions that you can sink into, and removable arm rests for added flexibility. The colours here are restful and calm, and the soft rug adds to the comfy feel of the room.

What’s your favourite type of cosy sofa? Share your thoughts in the Comments below.

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