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You Need to See 2017’s Most Popular Kitchen Tour

Will your favourite kitchen redesign on Houzz feature in our most clicked tours list? Read on to find out…

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Our Kitchen Tours are some of the most popular stories on Houzz, but what are the features that impress you the most, do you have a favourite colour scheme, and is there one kitchen look that wins in the style stakes? Well, you might be surprised on that last point, as the winning kitchens could not be more different from each other. Without further ado, let’s get stuck into the five most read Kitchen Tours! In reverse order, here they are…

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At number 5…
This pretty 2.5m x 3m kitchen, built at the back of a converted stone-built hayloft in West Sussex for the homeowners, one of whom runs a pickle and jam business from home, caught your attention, and we can see why.

What’s so captivating, apart from the appealing country styling, is that the compact space was meticulously designed to make use of every millimetre (although whether or not it was genuinely small was a debate that raged in the Comments section).

Designer Jasper Middleton of Middleton Bespoke packed in plenty of clever takeaway ideas, including the use of space-saving dishwasher drawers, a larder with bifolding doors – helping the cabinet to tuck tidily into the corner – and a multi-functional butcher’s block on wheels.

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He also moved the washing machine out of the cookspace, freeing up yet more room.

The entire kitchen is completely bespoke. “Each unit is made as a solid piece of traditional furniture, and designed to fit seamlessly without joins, fillers or plinths,” Middleton explains.

In this photo, you can see how the open-plan kitchen fits into the downstairs layout. In the background are the entrance hall and dining room at the front of the house.

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At number 4…
Next up, this contemporary galley kitchen in a Georgian family townhouse was designed to be “un-kitchen-like” to complement the beautiful architecture of the elegant home it’s in.

“Our clients’ aesthetic was very contemporary,” says the kitchen’s co-designer, Jack Trench of Jack Trench Bespoke Kitchens & Furniture, “but we were designing for a period architectural space rich with original details, so the modern kitchen had to allow these elements to breathe.”

Oak-veneer cabinetry is surrounded by a Corian shell, which includes the worktops. This clever combination visually separates the cupboards from the natural wood floor, so the two timbers don’t clash. A graceful cantilevered design boosts the effect further.

d89a36fde0e181d2e80c3a5549209fb0 You Need to See 2017’s Most Popular Kitchen Tour

This view of the kitchen, seen from the adjacent dining room, shows how beautifully the room fits into the look of the rest of the open-plan scheme. And it’s a flexible space, too: doors can be pulled across to partition off the kitchen from the dining area if necessary.

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At number 3…
This classic, solid-wood family kitchen, painted in fashionable indigo blue, was designed by Jamie Blake of Blakes London as part of a new extension on a Victorian semi.

Among the (many) standout features are the beautiful black-framed doors leading out to the garden and, in fact, these influenced the ‘classic industrial’ style of the kitchen.

A family of five live in the house, so the kitchen needed to be a hard-working space. In particular, the large island packs in a number of different functions. There are two sinks (one prep, one main) and two dishwashers. It also has two integrated bins, a wine cooler and pan drawers. A row of factory-style metal pendants suspended above adds to the industrial feel of the space and provides plenty of task lighting.

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To the right of these handsome, brass-handled, tall doors is a cosy library room, painted the same colour as the cabinets in the kitchen for continuity. Beyond that, part of a ‘broken-plan’ layout, is the living room at the front of the house, meaning there’s a view right through the three spaces.

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250b42353d43319f9ae79f8f66cd2646 You Need to See 2017’s Most Popular Kitchen Tour

At number 2, the runner-up is…
Grey remains a hugely popular colour for kitchens and this 1920s/30s three-storey townhouse cookspace goes dark and intimate with its chosen shade, which is mixed with beautiful milk oak for warmth.

Perhaps the star feature in this generous kitchen (though there are so many!) is the quality of light. “The design draws influence from the architecture of the property,” says Marcello Cuconato, creative director of Extreme Design. “It celebrates key features, such as the glass ceiling and the bifold doors that open onto the patio.”

Sleek touches include the integrated handles, picked out in oak, and the contrast between the grey-white marble worktops in the kitchen and the white-grey one inside the enviable larder. So often, it’s the small design details that make a space sing.

For the family who live here, the 2.4m-long breakfast bar and stools mean parents and kids can comfortably hang out together in the heart of their home.

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A nook for recipe books provides a dash of colour and character. It’s a smart way to break up a bank of cabinets, which could otherwise look a bit blank.

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And – ta-da! – the winner, at number 1, is…
This smartly designed and colourful space in a slimline townhouse impressed loads of you. Perhaps it was the twist on the usual open-plan, back-of-the-house kitchen-diner that caught your attention?

While many of us reworking the ground floor of a house will take down walls, the owners of this terraced home put one in, so as to create a distinct kitchen area. “It’s a narrow building, so it was difficult to make the kitchen feel separate,” says Nicky Spear, director of Sustainable Kitchens, the design firm the family chose.

b9d6a123261a4e62c497362c98cae099 You Need to See 2017’s Most Popular Kitchen Tour

Again, smart space-maxing moves were a feature. Chopping boards slot into bespoke shelves at the side of the oven, and the microwave is tucked out of sight into the larder (oh yes, and there’s a larder – a bit of a dream feature on Houzz right now). An extractor is built-in and slimline, so as not to reduce wall storage space.

Also, while there’s no utility room (we know you love a utility), the laundry appliances have been fitted cleverly into a special unit. “The bottom of the cabinet houses the washing machine and dryer, and there’s a work surface on top,” says Spear. Above is a larder. “It’s a very high cupboard, so the top has space for things you use once a year at Christmas,” she adds.

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Do you agree with the winning order or do you have a different number one? Share your thoughts in the Comments section.

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