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Yellow Kitchen Décor Rugs, Accessories, And Ideas

The yellow kitchen is one of the most wanted in interior design. Yellow is one of the colors that can brighten even the darkest space, that is why many varieties of this color are used for kitchen décor, among which are rugs, counters, chairs even yellow walls or yellow kitchen accessories.

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Select the Cabinet and Counter Color

Painting your kitchen cabinets in yellow is one way to create your dream kitchen. Yellow is a color that enables you to choose between traditional or modern cabinets. If you choose yellow kitchen cabinets do not paint them in high-gloss finish since they are going to look too bright.

You can also use other colors for your kitchen cabinets that fit nicely with yellow; therefore you can use other yellow kitchen accessories or yellow kitchen décor. Another way to create your yellow kitchen is to use yellow color for your countertops.

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They do not have to be completely yellow, but materials that come in some varieties of yellow, white, brown or some natural wood fit well with yellow kitchen décor or with the yellow cabinets.

Using granite color Giallo Ornamentale is a fine way to spread your yellow ideas all around the kitchen. Yellow kitchen cabinets can be highlighted by using cream, grey, white or brown color for the countertop.

If you want to mix yellow in your old kitchen is not going to be easy, especially if you want yellow to be your main color. A simple trick to brighten the whole kitchen is to paint one wall in yellow and change the cabinet doors for yellow ones. If you think that is too demanding, you can change your kitchen countertops.

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Citron yellow or a single slab of intense gold will be enough to raise the atmosphere of the room. Another fine alternative is to choose yellow tilled countertop in combination with light yellow walls.

Wall and Backsplash color

If you want yellow kitchen but more natural tones for your kitchen cabinets and counters, yellow walls or yellow backsplash is another yellow kitchen idea. Use bold yellow for the walls or for the backsplash to stand out from the cabinets and counter.

The cabinets and the counter should be in bright, creamy colors, in order to keep the kitchen bright. For the backsplash, you can use bold yellow paint or some hand painted yellow tiles, which will definitely add color to the kitchen.

If the counter contains some shades of yellow, try to use the same shade for the backsplash. The easiest way is to set off yellow matching tiles as a backsplash, but a better idea is to break the conventional tone and occasionally use different colored tiles. These ideas will not over-yellow your kitchen. However, you still get the yellowish kitchen feeling.

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The flooring in a yellow kitchen should add to the final look in your kitchen design, therefore you should choose smartly. The colors or the materials of the floor should complement with the yellow kitchen the cabinets, walls or backsplash. Try not to use yellow for the flooring, because it is difficult to find the same shade of yellow. You could use a natural wood tone that you have previously used for your cabinets to complement the other yellow tones.

If you do not like much wood in your yellow kitchen, choose a floor that will point out the yellow color. You can also choose some dark grey materials, natural stones or terracotta.

Yellow shades

All yellow colors provide the warmth, cheeriness and élan to your kitchen, especially the bright citrus hue of a lemon yellow. Mix zesty hues with white for a warm effect because the vibrant yellow is too strong to cover the bigger surface. The yellow kitchen accessories, such as yellow kitchen rugs, yellow kitchen chairs or towels will fit perfectly with a lemon yellow ceiling or wall.

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If you want to use the yellow color more extensively you are to use brighter yellow shades. This would perfectly fit if your kitchen is larger or your dining table is in the kitchen too. In order to avoid too colorful space and reach dreamy yellow kitchen effect, apply yellow colors next to bright creamy or white colors rather than rich ones.


In the end, yellow kitchen accessories come as the cherry on top. If you have yellow cabinet doors or yellow countertop experiment with the light in the space. If not, you can put some yellow refrigerator or some yellow kitchen chairs; even yellow cookers are available these days.

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Adding a yellow kitchen island is not appropriate for all kitchen spaces because a larger space is needed. Therefore if your kitchen space is large enough the yellow kitchen island will not only make your space look nice, but will allow you perfect surface for cooking your favorite dishes.

If you want to follow some feng shui rules, try the following ones:

  • you have to put some proper lighting, keep the kitchen clean, airy and welcoming
  • do not overload the space with gadgets or even many kitchen accessories
  • keep the clutter at bay
  • irrespectively of the brightness of the yellow color, some fresh flower will bring warmth and positive energy to your yellow kitchen
  • according to feng shui, the yellow color is good for digestion and therefore you can choose from bright yellow to strong yellow

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People sometimes reject the yellow color for their interior designs. You should use yellow responsibly in order to feel comfortable in it and to avoid the overly yellow kitchen.

The yellow and white kitchen is one of the perfect combination, but if you do not like this combination, you can try a combination with creamy or grey shades. You can experiment with yellow kitchen accessories or yellow décors, such as a yellow rug, curtains, chairs or even yellow kitchen island.

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