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Rustic Kitchen Design: Cabinets, Tables, Décor, and Ideas

Are you tired of modern kitchens?

The sterile lines, the impersonal minimalism, the overabundance of white?

If you are looking for a different kind of kitchen, try a rustic kitchen. Rustic kitchens are about as far from modern styling as you can get, but every bit as beautiful and practical.

You may think of Rustic kitchen décor only in terms of worn, distressed, or rough, but the fact is that when done right the stone, brick, timber, and vintage touches can come together to make a cozy, homey space you’ll enjoy preparing food in.

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Rustic kitchen designs are all about coziness and warmth. They’re meant to feel retro in just the right way, not space age but warm and homey. There’s a lot more variety to the style than many people give it credit for.

Some kitchens done in this style can seem like an old farmhouse kitchen, but a rustic kitchen can also have a more modern and industrial look to it. Rather than worn down wood, modern rustic kitchen design focuses on muted unfinished metal and exposed concrete.

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One of the wonderful things about the rustic style is that it can work with any budget. The primary thing is that it needs to remind you of hearth and home, a place of comfort and warmth that has that industrial modern edge. Here are some rustic kitchen ideas to help you design he perfect one for your home.

Key Elements of the Modern Rustic Kitchen

  • Make sure you emphasize unfinished materials and surfaces. Brick, wood, concrete, stone and even exposed ductwork are important focuses of rustic kitchen décor.
  • Metal is very important to the modern rustic kitchen design. Use metallic chairs, countertops, and appliance finishes. You should not use chrome, but instead use more muted, practical finishes, like mahogany bronze, architectural bronze, antique brass, unlacquered brass, shiny brass, and antique copper. Rustic kitchen islands with metal countertops are a great use of metal.
  • You need to keep the colors muted. Walls should be painted a neural color if you don’t want to have them be exposed brick, wood, or concrete. White, off-white, or gray are excellent wall colors for a modern rustic kitchen. You want the industrial textures of metal and wood to be the main visual draw. An earthy color palette is the best for this style of kitchen, typically neutrals paired with hues like chocolate, rust orange, deep warm red, off-white, tan, dark blue, forest green, and dark yellow-gold.
  • Fabric should be kept to a minimum. The rustic kitchen might be cozy and homey, but it’s not soft. The colors and patterns of the fabric should be simple and neutral. Clean woven fabrics like linen re a good choice. Plush fabrics are something to avoid.
  • Dark or metallic fabric is the best choice for upholstery. If you want to use something other than fabric for upholstery, look for leather in neutral, naturalistic colors.
  • You want to go dramatic and industrial with rustic kitchen lighting. Some great options include Edison-bulb pendants, candle lamps, free standing spotlights, and tripod lamps. You want nice, pleasant warm lighting hues. This will lend warmth to the metal surface and exposed brick, which can otherwise seem cold and unwelcoming.
  • Use natural light where you can. This will help tie the rustic kitchen to nature, which can be hard to do if you opt for a more industrial type of rustic kitchen design. Natural light is also always appreciated from a psychological standpoint, making people more cheerful. Allowing some natural light in will draw people into the kitchen more often.
  • Look for furniture inspired by old lab and farm equipment. Restoration Hardware and Pottery barn have a lot of options that would work great for a rustic kitchen tables. You can find plenty of cheaper options in junk stores or flea markets, however, if budget is a concern.

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Breaking Down a Rustic Kitchen

Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

The rustic kitchen cabinets should be warm wood. You don’t want anything that seem to sleek or too traditional. Rosewood and mahogany have beautiful patterns and intriguing dark streaks. Cherry, gum, and elm all have lovely red hues that help the space feel warm.

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However, some kinds of wood can be quite pricy, so warm finishes like cherry crimson or olive can be a more cost effective option. Whatever you decide to do for your cabinets, remember that natural textures are very important for rustic kitchen designs.

Rustic Kitchen Sink

If you can afford it, get a farmhouse sink. A farmhouse sink will help capture the rustic look you are looking for with your kitchen. They are excellent for practical purposes to; their size can be a great help for both food preparation and clean up.

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Make sure you don’t get sink that looks to sleek, bright or shiny, since you want it to fit in with your more worn, industrial rustic kitchen.

Rustic Kitchen Island and Counters

Kitchen islands are great additions to any kitchens. They provide extra workspace and can serve as kitchen table or breakfast bar. Kitchen islands help turn the space into a place people enjoy gathering together.

The extra seating is much appreciated if you entertain often. You don’t need to build one into the kitchen if that is too expensive; there are plenty of modular rolling options available at stores like IKEA.

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The best rustic kitchen island ideas are very industrial looking. You don’t want anything too smooth, polished or classical, like granite or marble. Instead, rustic kitchen islands should have metallic or rough-hewn stone tops. You should do the same for your kitchen counters.

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Remember, you want something that it both practical and stylish. Find out if the materials will hold up under years of use and if they will stain. Some materials may need to be cleaned up routinely or need other kinds of care.

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Consider using old barn boards as siding for your kitchen table. Wooden or industrial metallic styled chairs complete the look and usefulness. Make sure to leave enough room at the island for it to be used as both a food prep surface and a table.

Rustic Kitchen Table

For your rustic kitchen table, look for warm wood with lovely, interesting textures. Reclaimed wood is an especially great material for modern rustic kitchen tables, as it captures both the warmth and industrial feel. Metal is a nice addition, too, whether as an accent or as the table’s primary material.

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Any kind of table style can work in your rustic kitchen. Rustic kitchen table sets, benches, or even simple small pieces can work perfectly if chosen with care. Adding some warm hued finishes to light wood can turn tables and chairs that seem too light and airy into the perfect fit.

Rustic Kitchen Backsplashes

A backsplash should be made a material that is easy to clean and not likely to stain. Tile is always a good choice, though make sure it fits with modern rustic kitchen décor. It should not be too polished.

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Rough stone tiles work well. Exposed brick is perfect if you can afford to install (or expose) it. It is tough, easy to clean, and looks perfect in ay rustic kitchen, whether it is done up in an industrial or countryside style.

Rustic Kitchen Wall Décor

While rustic kitchens with a countryside flair can have eclectically crowded walls and look just fine, more industrial rustic kitchens should be a bit more minimalistic, though not to an austere modern extent. Antique, vintage signs look great if placed right.

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It should look practical and not too busy, while avoiding super modern sleekness and bold colors. You want to use earthy colors and natural wood. Avoid any wall decor that is too kitschy or cute, as it will turn your rustic kitchen into something belonging to your grandma.

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Reclaimed materials like wood or corrugated metal can lend interesting textures to your rustic kitchen wall décor. There are a lot of great Do-it-yourself project for rustic kitchen wall décor that work perfectly for the theme.

Rustic Kitchen Appliances

Make sure you get modern kitchen appliances, like refrigerators and washing machines. Modern appliances are more environmentally friendly and energy efficient. These appliances are often brightly colored, usually white, shiny black, or stainless steel.

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You can still incorporate them into your rustic kitchen design, however. Surround them with rustic kitchen cabinets and counters. If the rest of the kitchen is styled right, even large appliances like your fridge will not stand out too much.

Of course, now you can find perfectly modern appliances that are designed to look like appliances form the mid-1900s in a variety of colors.

For countertop appliances, look for ones in muted colors. You can also easily find newer appliances with an appreciably retro look in many appliance stores. Avoid anything to sleek, shiny, and modern.

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Heavier looking items will fit well and are rarely as heavy as they appear (or as the old versions they were modeled after). Again, while it might be tempting to find an expensive refurbished antique, we recommend getting modern countertop appliances instead.

This are generally more energy efficient, safer, cheaper, and have a lot more useful functions. If you find any of those older pieces in antique stores or flea markets, they might look good as rustic kitchen décor and display pieces.

Rustic Kitchen Floors

Dark colored wood or faux-wood floors look good in a rustic kitchen, but the right linoleum can work just as well, as well. Linoleum is cheaper, easier to clean, easier to install, and easier to maintain. Tile does not generally fit as rustic kitchen flooring. It usually looks too modern and sleek.

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The flooring you choose will depend upon your budget and how much hassle you want to go through. Changing flooring is often an expensive hassle.

Rustic Kitchen Accessories and Other Touches

If you can pull it off, add a kitchen fireplace. Nothing makes an area seem warmer! An exposed brick mantle makes a fireplace the perfect centerpiece for your rustic kitchen.

It does not have to be a large fireplace, either, so don’t feel like you need to completely cover a wall. A pleasant practical touch is the addition of a pizza oven that can be used like a fireplace.

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Another addition that is very nice if you can make it work is exposed ceiling beams. This not only looks very industrial and old-fashioned, but can also open a room that feels small and tight. They add a nice sense of texture to the overall space and some smart paint or finishing choices can make it even more visually interesting.

You should also pick any mats or rugs that fit your color palette and fabric choices. Bold modernistic colors can be jarring and should be avoided.

A nice rustic kitchen shelf is not only practical but can hold family pictures or other items. Metal or butcher block type wood works very nicely and can hold a lot of different items without any trouble.Make sure it is anchored properly for the amount of weight you want to put on it. Also be sure ti is placed where people will not run into them when they stand up from a seat.

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Accessorize with both natural and metallic items. Candle holders help make the kitchen seem warm. Small sculptures can add a bit of personality. Picture frames should be natural wood or coolly finished metal.

Take a look at modern rustic kitchen pictures on Pinterest and see what other people have used in their rustic kitchen designs. Restoration Hardware sells a lot of interesting little knick-knacks that help with a rustic theme and flea markets are treasure troves for the style.

Conclusion on rustic kitchen design

If you’re sick of modern sleek design, a rustic kitchen might be just the thing for you. This design style offers a lot of room for creativity and personality. Its natural warmth makes your kitchen into a place people want to be. The rough edge of the style makes it perfect for almost any budget. Use our tips to help you get started.

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