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Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

Lovely furniture, perfect cabinets, and your dream utilities are only the begging of decorating your kitchen.

Once all those things in place, you still need to figure out how to decorate a kitchen.

To keep everything from seeming bare, you will likely want decorated kitchen walls.

Kitchen walls design are simple and can add a lot of your kitchen. Décor for kitchen wall will be easy to place without taking up space. It can be a real boon to anyone with a small kitchen. They styling is up to you, too, meaning you can change the whole theme of your kitchen with a few wall decorations od kitchen walls pictures.

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The hard part of figuring how to decorate kitchen walls is to figure out where to start. A quick visit to any decor store offers up more kitchen wall décor ideas and options that you can count.

While you can easily buy a picture, wall decal, or flat wall sculpture for your kitchen, you can also create your own for a more cheap and personalized kind of kitchen wall décor.

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All it takes it figuring out your idea for the project, gathering your materials, and a little elbow grease. Below are some of our DIY kitchen wall decorating ideas.

Where Should It Go?

One of the first things you need to do when either buying or creating kitchen wall art is coming up with where it is going to in your kitchen. A kitchen is a busy, potentially messy place because of all the cooking and cleaning you’re going to do there.

Anything you place on the wall needs to either durable and easy to clean or out of the way of splashing liquids. The place between the ceiling and cabinets (called a soffit) is an excellent space to use for any kind of wall art that will fit.

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There are limitless kitchen wall ideas. A good place to start is artwork. Not many people think of a kitchen as a good place to display art, but think of how often people spend time in there.

Art on your kitchen walls can make the space more interesting, as well as give it more personality. The right piece can tie together your kitchen’s theme really well.

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Design Platform

You can purchase kitchen-themed artwork almost anywhere, as well as any kind of art you want. There are a lot of pieces of artwork with baking, cooking, or dining themes. There are a lot of vintage-style images that look very good, which can be easily replicated with vintage cookbook illustrations.

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Framed art is not your only option for ideas for kitchen walls. You can add in wall hangings, which is growing more common in kitchen designs. Try out oversized and antique utensils, tapestries featuring food, or regular cookware spiced up with bold colors.

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Shelving can also work for your kitchen wall décor. Low profile shelves with supplies and accents can look really good in a small kitchen. It’s a good option or adding color by either painting or purchasing them in bright colors.

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Another new trend in kitchen all décor is large letters in eye-catching colors and fonts. They tend to be made from light but sturdy metals to make them both easy to hand but durable. You can get a good visual impact form your wall décor using these. Think about using the letters of your household’s initials or names.

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Plants and animals can look good in your kitchen wall décor as well. Baskets of fruits and vegetables are popular images, as are scenes of birds and animals at play. There are a lot of themes and styles for this sort of wall art, so take a look and see if any fit with your kitchen’s style.

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Recolor in Happy Colors

Cabinets take up a lot of space in your kitchen. They tend to be wood or neutrally colored, as do your appliances. Wall décor can possibly be your only chance to bring some lively color into your kitchen design. Hang up a collection of festive plates, or use bright tiles to tile your backsplash. Utilize boldly colored photos or art.

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For something different, consider stretching vividly colored tea towels across painting canvas frames and hanging three of them right next to each other. These frames are easy to find in craft stores. All you have to do is wrap and staple the towels to the back. You can also use other fabric strips.

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Normandy Remodeling

DIY Silverware Silhouettes

Find some templates online to make these, then pick out a sheet of the materials you want to use. Use the necessary cutting tool to cut the templates out of the materials, and you’ve got a brand new bit of wall art for your kitchen.

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Glazed Wall Art

You’ll need ‘pour-on’ glaze or glue for the shiny effect you want in this piece of DIY kitchen wall décor. Measure out your design, cut it, seal, it, and give it a few days to dry. After it’s ready, you can hang it up in your kitchen.

Personalize It

Add a personal touch to your kitchen wall décor. It’s your home, and you spend a lot of time in your kitchen, especially if it’s also the location of your dining room. Think about making personal statements with letters or signs that says things like ‘Anne’s Kitchen’.

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Loop Design

You can even custom order wall decals that say things like this as well. If you’d like to change it up on occasion, cover a wall in a chalkboard or whiteboard paint so you can scribble whatever you want and erase it at will.

Show Off Your Kitchen Items

A lot of items you can buy for your kitchen re not only useful but also look nice. Get a decorative wall clock. Use a fancy organizer system. Show off your cool coffee mugs by hanging them on a display rack.

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Hang your best saucepans on the wall. Open shelves can show off pretty spice containers or colorful pitchers. Be creative and enjoy showing off what you use in your kitchen.


These are some great ideas to help you out if you’re wondering how to decorate a kitchen wall. Whether you choose to go for DIY artwork or to buy some new pieces for your kitchen walls, remember that it’s your kitchen. Enjoy the opportunity to customize the space!

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