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Kitchen Tour: A Pull-out Worktop Adds Space to a Small Kitchen

A clever slide-out peninsula at the side of the cooker gives this family extra prep room in their compact cookspace

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This young family had a home in their ideal neighbourhood, but they didn’t have their ideal kitchen. The couple loved to cook, but they needed more space to prep and make meals. Still, they knew their kitchen had potential and they were ready to give it new life.

The previous kitchen had low worktops and Tiffany blue cabinets that didn’t stretch to the ceiling, which limited storage. Their freestanding dishwasher always ended up in the way, the single sink was too small, and the fridge was jammed up against the doorway. It was time for a redesign.

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Kitchen at a Glance
Who lives here A couple and their two young children
Location: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Size 8.4 sq m
Designer Mari O’Meara of Mari Kushino Design

Photos by Tony Colangelo Photography

With the help of designer Mari O’Meara, the family reconfigured their kitchen in eight weeks without knocking down any walls. The final design includes three separate areas that work together.

In all three areas, they used the existing high ceiling to their advantage and extended the cabinets. The dad was very involved in the renovation, hiring individual contractors and installing the flooring himself.

Cabinets painted in Simply White, Benjamin Moore. Splashback tiles in Arctic White, Olympia Tile. Cooker, KitchenAid.

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The family wanted more worktop space, and O’Meara gave them that by adding a pullout workspace next to the cooker. They can slide out the maple wood butcher’s block when cooking, making use of the space in front of the window. Then they can clean it off and tuck it away. The drawer beneath it contains the compost bin.

Pro tips

  • Make sure the spot has enough room for the pull-out unit and it won’t block anything important, such as an air vent.
  • Use a cutting board you can clean easily.
  • Work with the creator of the piece, if it’s bespoke, to ensure all the details fit into place.

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The home’s hardwood floors didn’t run into the kitchen, allowing the designer to pick a functional material. The family didn’t want hardwood flooring in this room because of grease and water exposure, and they ruled out tiles because they can be cold and are more expensive. Instead, they decided on a grey luxury vinyl flooring, because it’s water-resistant, less expensive and easier to maintain.

Besides raising the height of the worktops, O’Meara angled off the corner of the section by the fridge. This makes it easier to pass through the kitchen for parents and running children alike. They chose a quartz material that’s easy to maintain and water-resistant, and it includes a marbling colour for added elegance and stain shielding.

They bought a new fridge that fit in the small kitchen and wouldn’t jut out into the room.

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The family really wanted a double-bowl sink. O’Meara says this was a challenge for the small space, but she eventually found one that fit perfectly. She finished off the sink area with a tall, slim tap, which adds a little elegance to this section of the kitchen.

O’Meara added the glass cabinet fronts above the sink and cooker to break up the tall white units.

Pro tip Balance out solid cabinet fronts by adding a few glass ones to your kitchen. You won’t want to store everything behind glass, but it can visually lighten up an expanse of units.

Niagara equal double bowl sink, Blanco. Davoli pull-down tap, California Faucet.

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During the renovation, the designer ended up with a 10cm gap between the cooker and the back wall. She turned it into a functional ledge, giving the family a place to store cooking essentials, such as their red salt and pepper shakers.

The family wanted to use light colours in the kitchen to give the illusion that the space was bigger. They decided on white, grey and wood to keep the style timeless and classic. Accessories such as cookbooks add dots of colour.

The light fixture stayed in its original location, but O’Meara felt they needed a piece that dropped down, because of the high ceiling. They also added LED lighting under the cabinets to spotlight the worktops.

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