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Kitchen Tour: A Modern Country Kitchen in Gloucestershire

Thoughtful design and skilled craftsmanship combine to create a gorgeous rural kitchen with sophisticated appeal

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The owners of this beautiful space brought in kitchen designer Jeremy Price during a large rebuild on the site of an old farmhouse. The newly constructed house used locally quarried Gloucestershire stone to match the original barn and outbuildings, which surround a courtyard kitchen garden. “The builder was one of the best we’ve worked with, as were his talented team of craftsmen,” enthuses Price. “So it was a real privilege to design a kitchen for a place like this, and it was important that we maintained the quality and integrity of the overall project.”

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Kitchen at a Glance
Who lives here A couple
Location Gloucestershire
Size 14m x 6m
Property A rebuilt stone farmhouse, with adjoining barn conversion and new barn
Designer Jeremy Price of Artichoke
Photography Marcus Peel

“The owners wanted a kitchen that felt homely, but was also smart and sophisticated,” says Price. “We used natural, earthy materials, and sought to reflect the quality of the building work which had a real craft aesthetic.”

An oak island with a marble worktop stands at the centre of the space, behind which is a cabinet that houses a large fridge-freezer, television and combination steam oven.

A long row of base units run along one wall with a modern Aga sitting between two sink zones. One sink is used for preparation in the main kitchen, and the other is used for washing up as part of the scullery zone.

Over-and-Under fridge-freezer, Sub-Zero. Combi-steam oven 400, Gaggenau. Electric 4-oven, AGA.

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The island is made from new oak, which has been hand- planed to give it the effect of old wood. “I selected oak with an interesting grain, but avoided too many knots,” says Price. His team of specialists applied a bespoke finish in the workshop that adds to the aged feel.

On one side of the island is a handy bank of drawers that holds knives, utensils and pans. An induction hob sits on top and provides an alternative cooking area to the Aga.

Induction cooktop, Gaggenau.

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“As the island is so large, we didn’t want it to look like one big block of furniture,” says Price. “The column legs make it feel more open.”

The hand-turned columns are solid sections of new oak that have also been given an aged finish. They’re joined by a wrought iron bar, which references an old tie beam.

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The knife drawer contains recesses of various sizes, plus hidden magnets that keep the knives in place when the drawer is opened and closed. The solid oak drawers are finished off with a thin rim of decorative beading.

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Price says he tries to limit the amount of materials he uses in a project, so Portuguese marble is a repeated feature throughout the kitchen. “It’s a honed white stone with very subtle veining. The coffee, chocolate and caramel tones look incredibly soft up close,” he says. Price deliberately selected pieces with limited veining to keep the look gentle and muted.

Behind the Aga is a wall of the same marble. “We didn’t want the usual Aga overmantel,” explains Price. “So we decided on a large expanse of marble instead. The subtle shelving sets it off and ensures it doesn’t look too contemporary.”

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This elegant marble double basin is the preparation sink. It has a nifty shallow part on the left especially for washing and peeling vegetables.

Instead of having an upstand or splashback, Price applied a waterproof paint to the strip of wall beneath the windowsill. “It’s a slightly different shade to the rest of the wall,” he says. “But it’s a more subtle contrast than a splashback.”

The windowsill is made from the same marble as the worktops for a unified feel. The traditional timber window frames with deep reveals are aligned with the two sinks. “It was great to be able to work out their placement with the builder in advance,” says Price. “And the view out to the valley beyond is stunning.”

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The long run of worktops is broken up by the two sink areas which jut out slightly. This helps to create three separate zones: a preparation area, a cooking space and a scullery zone.

Price’s attention to detail even carries through to the door hinges. The tiny pieces of black metal in the corner of each door are pivot hinges. “I didn’t want to use a traditional hinge as it would have been too visible,” he explains.

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Shelves line the corner of the scullery area, with recesses for vegetable baskets below the counter. Attractive jars and a vintage-style food mixer give it a comfortable, rustic feel.

Bins are housed in the cupboard to the left of the sink, while a professional dishwasher is hidden behind the door on the right. “It has a very quick glass washing cycle,” says Peter. “So it’s perfect for entertaining.”

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This huge pantry was built at the back of the cabinet of appliances, and is ideally situated for unloading the dishwasher. It has a bespoke sliding door mechanism with a metal guide track and wheel system. “Once it’s in, it doesn’t need adjustment” says Price.

Doors leading to the courtyard are located at the near end, so the pantry and sink provide a lovely view as you enter. The sliding mechanism means that the doors can’t be left open to block the view. Directly opposite is another fridge, a freezer and a wine fridge.

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The V-groove boarding at the back of the units is the same wood that’s used on the island, and it also appears on the end panels of the pantry, creating a sense of cohesion.

The glass-fronted cupboards contain interior lights, which illuminate the crockery and provide a warm glow in the evening. Lighting in the rest of the room is very simple, with recessed downlights and pendant lamps above the island.

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Simple wooden hooks are a handy place to hang tea towels, and they don’t distract from the clean timber surface.

What do you think of this rustic kitchen? Share your thoughts in the Comments below.

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