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How to Store Kitchen Knives

Wondering where to keep this essential piece of cooking kit? Check out these ideas for inspiration

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If there’s one thing you need in the kitchen, it’s a collection of good quality knives, but where can you put it? Take a look at these ideas for how to store kitchen knives to help you keep these sharp tools safely out of the way, but within easy reach, too.

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Slot them sideways in a drawer
Keep your sharp edges safely tucked away by including a knife block in your cutlery drawer. It’s possible to buy these separately, and you can fit them into a space in your existing drawer. Alternatively, purchase a cutlery organiser with a knife block included in the design. Before you buy, make sure you know how many knives you need to store and their sizes, and purchase a model that fits your needs.

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Give over a pull-out cupboard
This handy unit is the ideal spot for an upright knife block, with space for plenty of utensils. The cupboard here has been custom-made, so might not be the best option if you’re on a budget. However, if you’re redesigning your kitchen and you have the space for something like this, it could be worth the investment of hiring a joiner to build it.

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Poke them into the worktop
Slots cut into a work surface are a simple, yet incredibly effective solution for your knife storage. These ones are small enough for individual blades to fit into, but you could also slice one long slit for all your knives. Here, the slots are located in the centre of the worktop, but if you’d like them to be out of the way choose a spot at the back of the surface (either way, if you have kids, make sure they can’t reach them).

Also make sure you cut all the way through to the other side of the surface to allow the blades to slide in snugly. Avoid knocking the sharp ends by boxing the area in below the worktop, but ensure you can access it to clear away crumbs.

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Hang along the wall…
The classic way to store your blades is to install a magnetic rail along the wall. It turns your knives into an attractive design feature and makes it brilliantly easy to access the tools. Again, if there are children in the home, keep the rail at a height their little hands won’t be able to reach.

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…or up the wall
Alternatively, fit your magnetic rail vertically. Here, the owners have made use of a long, narrow wall space and the knives fit diagonally.

Before you hang a magnetic rail like this, or fit any storage for knives, think about ease of access and safety, and put them as near to your food prep area as possible.

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Hide some magnets
For a surprising twist on the magnetic knife rail, consider this clever idea. The owners of this sleek modern kitchen, mounted disc-shaped magnets into the wall behind the glass splashback. The knives are securely held in place, but appear to float along the wall.

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Choose a stylish block
A standard freestanding knife block is a simple and cost-effective storage solution. If you’re going for one of these models, choose an attractive design that ties in with your kitchen. This curved wooden knife block gives a warm, rustic feel to this bright-white cookspace.

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Allocate a cupboard
A great idea to make use of space around a pillar is to install shallow cabinets. These ones have been fitted with two handy magnetic knife rails. It’s particularly effective if you don’t like the look of knives on a wall, or want to keep them locked up and out of the way of children.

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Raise the knife block
A hanging rail is a useful design that caters for lots of storage needs. This one is perfect for holding a neat wooden knife block. It keeps the blades out of the way and off the worktop without using up precious cabinet space. The beauty of a rail like this is that you can combine knives with other utensils, so your kitchen is perfectly neat and organised.

Which of these knife storage ideas would work in your kitchen? Share your thoughts in the Comments section.

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