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How to Fit a Home Office or Workstation into Your Kitchen

Haven’t got room for a home office? See these ideas for squeezing a desk into the busiest room in the house

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People don’t only gather in the kitchen at parties; this hard-working room often gets the most footfall throughout the day, as people naturally gravitate towards it for food and company. As such, it can make sense to place a workstation here for children or adults for emailing, writing or doing homework. Take a look at these design ideas for inspiration.

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Integrate a breakfast bar
A breakfast bar can often be squeezed into a surprisingly small space and it’s a budget-friendly way to create a multi-purpose work area for both adults and children in a kitchen.

You could ask a joiner to build you something bespoke or, if you’re DIY-savvy, you could create one yourself with a few sturdy wall brackets and a piece of wood cut to size. Tuck a few stools underneath and it will become the busiest area in the kitchen in no time.

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Hide it in a cupboard
If you’re putting a workstation into a busy kitchen but don’t want to be reminded of work when you’re not at the desk, it could make sense to tuck a home office into a cupboard, where clutter and mess can be closed away at the end of each day.

This office cabinet is a neat solution in the corner of this kitchen-diner. Floor-to-ceiling doors keep it totally hidden when not in use, then, as soon as it’s required, they open out and a chair can be pulled over from the dining table for use at the computer.

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Slide a desk into a drawer
Proof that there’s always space for a mini workstation, whatever size your kitchen, this neat solution takes small-space living to a new level. A shelf telescopes out from a slim drawer underneath the worktop to create an instant work space, then glides away again when it’s no longer in use.

The built-in bench provides ample seating, while a floor lamp can be pulled up to provide light as required.

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Build out a worktop
The slim worktop in this kitchen has been transformed into a practical and useful breakfast bar thanks to a curved extension. This is a great way to gain an extra work surface in a narrow galley kitchen and it could easily double up as a desk or workstation. Rounded corners are a wise idea in a high-traffic area.

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Use recessed space
This open-plan kitchen has a recessed space along the back wall that’s perfect for accommodating a small office. Storage drawers underneath the desk and cubbyhole wall storage ensure office paraphernalia is kept under control.

If you have a recessed area in your kitchen that could be put to use in this way, you could consider building in a small work area like this rather than filling it with cupboards.

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Tuck it into a corner
It can sometimes seem counter-intuitive to give up valuable cupboard space to make way for a desk area in a kitchen, but this hard-working little corner shows how much storage you can still squeeze into a kitchen office area. Six drawers and two slim cupboards maximise the space under the desk, while four shelves take care of the wall space above, providing plenty of storage space for books and crockery.

The bookshelves create a library-like feel in this corner, conducive to writing or studying, and the space could also double up as a baking area when not in use as an office.

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Add a laptop shelf
If your interior style is more contemporary than traditional, this is a nice way to create a workstation in a minimal-style kitchen.

Two slim cubbyholes under the breakfast bar allow for office essentials, such as a laptop, a notebook and a couple of pens, to be stashed underneath and taken out as required. Then, when the surface is needed for prepping or serving food, the laptop can be neatly stowed away. Integrated plug sockets under the worktop allow for easy charging.

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Create a homework nook
A family workstation in a kitchen is a good way to ensure children stay close during homework time and also allows for conversation while cooking. A streamlined desk like this one, tucked into a corner, is a simple way to create a mini office, and the integrated window bench is a lovely way to allow for conversation and interaction between children and parents during study time.

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Go bespoke
This custom-made desk area is a lovely addition to the country-style kitchen. By using the same cabinet and worktop materials as in the rest of the room, it fits in seamlessly. The integrated bookshelf is a nice touch, creating a snug and inviting little corner for study,

If you’re planning a new kitchen and want to factor in a corner like this, talk to your designer at the planning stage and ask him or her to make it an integrated part of the scheme.

What do you think of these home office ideas? Let us know in the Comments below.

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