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How Mixing Metals in the Kitchen Can Enhance Your Space

Check out these stunning ideas for using bronze, copper, gold and brushed steel in your kitchen

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Metallic surfaces, such as bronze, copper, gold and brushed steel, are a great way to add some beautiful personality to your cookspace.

Go for antique and burnished finishes that reveal their unique patina over time, or opt for gleaming gold to contrast with dark, matt surfaces elsewhere.

Take a look at these stunning schemes to see how to mix metals in the kitchen on splashbacks, worktops and cabinets.

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Pair with softer materials
This beautiful cookspace was designed to complement the parquet floor, and contrasts soft matt units with gleaming brushed stainless-steel worktops.

The gentle herringbone-patterned surface on the green doors ties in with the floor, and the scheme is finished with a line of natural wood cabinets above.

The whole space is elevated by the choice of metal worktops, which add a reflective dimension to the gentle finishes.

If you’re looking to add a subtle sheen to your kitchen, brushed stainless-steel surfaces like these are a good choice.

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Go for gold
This kitchen contrasts matt and metallic, too, but this time the effect is more dramatic. A chocolate brown wall forms the perfect partner to a high-shine brass metal island.

The two surfaces are starkly different in terms of texture and colour, which helps to make a feature of the statement island.

If you’re going for something like this for your project, try adding some quirky elements to tone down the bling; the wall calendar here is a perfect example.

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Contemplate copper on top
To add a metal accent to a plain kitchen, try using a metallic surface on a row of wall units. Here, the high copper cabinets have an interesting patina that adds pleasing texture to the kitchen.

The white worktops and flat indigo units elsewhere contrast sharply with the copper, which adds personality to the space.

To link the contrasting surfaces, the two lines of wood visible between the base unit drawers are the same tone as the copper above.

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Work with wood
Here’s another example of how metallic surfaces allow you to play with contrasts.

The worktop, sink and splashback in this kitchen are made from copper that will form a beautiful patina over time.

The striking shine on the surfaces here sits next to matt, colour-washed wood, which helps to highlight the gleam of the finish above.

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Lift dark surfaces
This chic space is full of dark areas, including the black-framed doors and windows, black skirting boards, dark parquet floor and black worktops.

To maintain the dramatic feel, it makes sense to go for a deep tone on the cabinets. However, a solid block of colour might have been too moody, so, to lift the space, the designers have chosen an antiqued bronze.

The mottled surfaces add some interesting texture to the space, and the polished finish helps to bounce light around the room.

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Keep it green
Metallics sit nicely with dark tones of blue and green, as evidenced in this olive kitchen. The bronze splashback is complemented by the deep-hued units and walnut details.

To offset these sombre shades, a line of bright white is added in the form of a marble worktop, as well as two white picture frames above.

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Warm up white
Don’t fancy dark tones? Opt for units at the other end of the colour spectrum to tone with a metallic splashback.

In this cookspace, a burnished copper splashback runs the entire length of the back wall. The mottled, rust-coloured finish looks striking against the bright white kitchen cabinets.

The warm tones of the copper work with the parquet floor and leather bar stools to warm up the sleek, modern room.

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