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Farmhouse Kitchen – Design, Style and Ideas

A farmhouse style kitchen is a cozy, comfortable space, at once rugged and charming.

The overall sense is of a place you could imagine a farm family or a bunch of cowboys sitting down to eat after a long day: sturdy, unpretentious, and practical.

A farm style kitchen is heavily focused on cooking and eating spaces, which is where the real downhome feel comes across.

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Architects Plus

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There is nothing (or at least very little) sleek about these kitchens, and certainly nothing cold about them. These are lived-in spaces.

While there is a certain feel and style to a farmhouse kitchen design, it’s important to remember that there is no cookie-cutter look. Farmhouse kitchens are by nature unique.

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Blueline Custom Builders

To get the most effect, you want to give a certain ‘love-worn’ appeal to almost every element. Here are some farmhouse kitchen ideas for your design:


Muted colors help capture the homey practicality of a farm kitchen. White or gray can evoke a classical farmhouse, but accents painted in muted and worn shades of yellow, green, and blue can help make it feel like a lively and warm environment.

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Image Design LLC


Worn, tough wooden countertops really help the look of your farm style kitchen. Butcher block can be a relatively inexpensive choice that still has a lot of personality. Counters and islands should not look sleek or modern, but rather more shabby and careworn.


Try mixing differently colored cabinets, or mixing different styles to give a lived-in feel. Cherry, maple, oak, and pine are common choices for wooden cabinets (and furniture, too).

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Scott Wilson Architect, LLC


Wooden flooring is what most people assume a farmhouse kitchen needs, but there are plenty of other options that still keep with the rugged and unique style. Black and white tile can fit right in, while being less expensive and easier to maintain.

A carefully chosen pattern of linoleum can do the same thing; though make sure it matches the rest of your décor.


Wooden walls and brick accents add a more natural element to a farmhouse kitchen. If you already have wooden walls, painting them a shade of cream will emphasize the texture and help to open up the space.

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Sendero Homes

Wooden or brick accents, whether entire accent walls or just trim, will add in an earthy feel. A beadboard addition, whether as an accent wall or something small like a backsplash, can add a charming quirky element for very little cash.

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Lisle Architecture & Design


Keeping with the practicality of a farmhouse, farmhouse style sinks are often large and open. The idea is to give a sense that this sink is being used for anything and everything (and the kitchen sink), from cooking to caning to the cleaning of all sorts things and people.

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D’apostrophe Design, inc.


To capture the naturalistic farmhouse style, try to allow as much natural light as possible. Remember to emphasize that warm, natural feeling with your light fixtures. As is the case with any décor, pay attention to how the light affects the features of your farm style kitchen.

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Vertical Construction Group LLC


Open shelving, usually made of wood, can really help your kitchen feel like it’s a farm, while giving you a chance to add all sorts of personal touches. As with the counters, wood such as pine, oak, maple, or cherry capture the rugged and warm atmosphere.


For an element that really adds character, try mixing and matching furniture! Mismatched chairs, an off-color hutch in one corner, or even different knobs for cabinets, all of these really capture the farmhouse kitchen style. This also gives you the opportunity to reuse older, much-loved furniture.

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Crisp Architects

Have a single worn dining room chair from your grandma’s house? Try painting it with a pastel chalk or milk paint to give it some new life for your old farm style kitchen.


In the midst of all the wood and brick, it’s important to remember the softer touches, like tablecloths and curtains. Look for fabric with a vintage feel, like gingham and plaid. Toile with pastoral scenes will add a nice scenic touch.

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Don’t forget about lace, either! Lace also adds to that downhome, farmhouse feel and brings another kind texture to your kitchen design.


There are many, many options to accessorize a farmhouse kitchen. As a practical, busy place where so much cooking is done, there can be plenty of useful clutter.

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Swanson Renovations

Mason jars are a lovely way to organize just about anything, and can also be used in more crafty ways, like for seasonal centerpieces. Wire baskets are a great way to store just about anything, while still showing this is a useful space.

Feel free to hang up pots or pans, or even cake molds if you can find them. A hanging pot rack is a great addition above a breakfast bar or kitchen island. An apron rack, and of course a few cute old-fashioned aprons to go with it, really brings the sense of a kitchen where people cook large filling meals.

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The Woodshop of Avon

Farmhouse style kitchens are not modern, sterile spaces where everything is tucked away out of sight, but rather places that convey the full bustle of a life on a ranch or a farm. Sweet little personal touches can be added everywhere. Feel free to accessorize your heart out.

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Hask Custom Homes


One of the great things about a farm style kitchen is that you can let your inner antique collector loose. Accent the space with antique vases, use antique chairs, or even enjoy the chance to display heirloom collections that don’t seem to fit anywhere else.

An antique clock is a particularly great addition, as they help convey the practicality of a true farm kitchen. Vintage is the name of the game in a farmhouse kitchen, and antiques fit right in.

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John Thayer Cabinetmakers, LLC


The fireplace was the gathering place for pioneer and farming families. Adding one to your kitchen can make it feel cozy and warm. You can recreate the fee in your kitchen, even if you don’t have the space or finances for an actual fireplace. All you need is an exposed brick wall with a mantel—which, of course, should be lovingly accessorized!

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A farmhouse style kitchen is easily personalized and there is a lot of flexibility to the design. You can adapt these farmhouse kitchen ideas to your own space and financial needs, while still ending up with a kitchen that captures that cozy, lived-in feel and creates a room where everyone feels happy to be cooking and eating after their own long days.


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