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Country Kitchen Designs, Ideas, Cabinets, and Decor

A modern country kitchen is unique blend of the modern and the old-fashioned. It takes a downhome style and adds all the conveniences of current life to create functional, cozy space to cook, eat, and gather.

Country kitchens might seem generic, but close inspection and careful design reveals they are reflection of their household, with plenty of personal touches that make them a country kitchen design one of the most unique out there.

There’s plenty of room for nuance and quirkiness, so don’t feel like the old-time feel restrains your creativity. Here are some country kitchen ideas to help you create the perfect modern old-fashioned kitchen.

The Basics of Country Kitchen Designs

Country kitchen décor creates a classical look that is at once timeless and traditional. Walking into a country kitchen is like walking into the best memories of childhood and family. It should be warm, welcoming space that still retains a lot of practicality.

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Creative Touch Interiors

Feel free to mix and match furniture, as this style is often eclectic. Use two chairs next to a big tough table, and then have a bench pulled up for another seat. This is a great opportunity to make use of older furniture left to you by parents and grandparents, especially if it’s only a piece of set.

Even more ornate pieces can look great provided they are balanced out by elements of rustic simplicity. In fact, they’ll look even more like precious heirlooms in this environment.

When looking at materials for your country kitchen, stick to natural materials as much as possible. Artificial materials feel out of place, cold, or simply too modern for country kitchen designs. You want the kitchen to have a very natural and rough-hewn feel.

Country Kitchen Sink

One of the biggest elements of any country style kitchen is the sink. If you are completely remodeling your kitchen, consider adding a farmhouse sink to your country kitchen. These oversized sinks are great for meal prep, offering a lot of width and depth to work.

In old-fashioned country kitchens, these sinks would be used to do all kinds of chores, from washing to canning food. They evoke a hard-working, rustic feel.

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Country Kitchen Cabinets

Your country kitchen cabinetry should be naturally finished wood. If you can find reclaimed wood, so much the better! Wood grain should still be visible. The designs for the doors should be practical and simple, neither too ornate nor too modernistic.

Classical worn brass knobs and pulls always look great for that downhome atmosphere. For a hunting lodge sort of look, consider using deer antler shaped pulls and knobs.

Avoid plastic and brightly painted colors. Nothing should look too sleek or shiny. If you want a touch of color, consider a weathered stain in gentle pastels.

Country Kitchen Lights

Lighting in a country kitchen should be warm and ample enough to make food prep easy. If you are lucky enough to have natural lighting in your kitchen, make good use of it. Country kitchen designs are very naturalistic and so natural light is perfect for them.

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With artificial country kitchen lights, there are plenty of great options out there for light fixtures. You can find light fixtures designed to resemble old gas lanterns, as well as rustic sconces and lampshades that look like beaten corrugated metal. For a hanging chandelier over your table, look for simplified Victorian-type designs or consider getting something much more quirky, like an antler chandelier.

Both real and imitation candles make for fun additions, especially for more atmospheric occasions like holiday dinners or homey date nights.

Country Kitchen Curtains

Country kitchen curtains should not impede natural light from windows, but they should still have a sense of practical weight and substance to them. Avoid luxurious fabrics like silk or ornate embroidered patterns. Gauze, while allowing a lot of natural light into a room, is simply too lightweight for country kitchen designs.

Practical fabrics that call to mind hard work and rough living are what you want to use for country kitchen curtains. Flannel and linen are always good choices. Choose patterns that are interesting but not too bright, like smart plaid or classical checkered patterns.

Solids can’t go wrong either! Make sure you don’t choose colors or patterns that are too oppressive. You want cozy, not claustrophobic.

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Hill Farm Furniture Ltd

If you are going to add a window treatment, keep it classical and don’t try anything too zany or modern. Traditional tie-offs always look right in a country kitchen. There are a lot of advantages to the simplicity of country kitchen curtains, not least of which is that they tend to be very budget friendly.

Country Kitchen Floors

For a particularly old-fashioned look, add wood floors to your countryside kitchen. You should get wood floors that have a natural stain or have been painted with a simple pattern. Make sure they are sealed well to prevent any damage from spills and splashes.

Tile is a great choice that can be much more affordable. You can go with one color of tile, or you can have a nice smart checkerboard pattern. Tile is very durable, but it can also be very cold on bare feet and very hard on knees and backs when standing for a long time during food prep.

Feel free to add cushioned mats to parts of the floor in front of the sink and stove.

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Countryside Kitchens

Country Kitchen Wall Decorations

Old jello molds, large utensils, pots, and pans look great on country kitchen walls. They look practical and interesting. If you enjoy antiquing, take a look at antique stores for anything hat might look interesting on your walls. If the kitchen is small, consider hanging an antique (or antique looking) mirror across from window to increase the sense of space.

Pastoral pictures will add a natural, outdoors touch to country kitchens even in the biggest cities. Old-fashioned tin signs can add a bit of humor or whimsy. Beautiful decorative plates can look nice hung together.


Countryside kitchen designs are fun, warm, and more than capable of expressing a personality. Embrace the eclectic and old fashioned. Make this space one people want to spend time in as they cook, talk, eat, and laugh.

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