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Could a New Kitchen Make You Healthier?

Our new Houzz kitchen survey revealed a rather surprising side-effect of designing a new kitchen – a healthier lifestyle

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Could redesigning your kitchen make you healthier and happier, and even encourage you to eat more fruit and vegetables? It might sound like wishful thinking, but the results of our Houzz UK Kitchen Trends Study 2017 suggest that, yes, this is exactly what happens after a kitchen remodel.

We surveyed more than 3,000 UK homeowners who are in the midst of, are planning or have recently completed a kitchen project and they reported some remarkable benefits. Here’s what a kitchen renovation could do for you.

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Kickstart a healthier lifestyle
The survey of 3,100 UK homeowners using Houzz revealed that more than a third of kitchen updaters report a healthier lifestyle post-renovation.

Whether this is down to a renewed interest in nutrition or the result of creating a happier and more positive environment in which to cook is up for debate, but it’s a great statistic to contemplate in the brisk early months of the year as we make fresh plans and resolutions.

So what are the specific benefits a new kitchen could deliver?

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Inspire you to cook fresh meals
Can a new kitchen turn you into the next Jamie Oliver? Well, possibly, yes! 43% of those surveyed said they cook more meals at home as a result of their kitchen upgrade, with nine in 10 enjoying five or more home-cooked meals per week (91%).

So if you want to banish ready meals from your life and embrace home-cooked dinners instead, a new kitchen could be just the kick-start your inner chef needs.

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Tempt you to host more dinner parties
What to do with your new-found cooking skills? Show them off, of course! 51% of those surveyed said they hosted more dinner parties after their kitchen remodel.

So if you’d like to use your new kitchen or dining room as a place to host get-togethers, be they formal dinners or casual lunches, make sure you make this clear at the planning stage and work with your designer to create a space you’ll be proud to open up and share with friends.

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Get you baking
Nearly half of all survey respondents admitted to baking more frequently as a side-effect of having a new kitchen. So if you’re a fan of The Great British Bake Off, perhaps a kitchen redesign could help you indulge your passion for pastry.

Admittedly, whipping up a tray of cakes every day won’t do your waistline much good, but baking your own bread rather than buying a loaf can be a healthier option. And baking itself, as an activity, can be a wonderful way of reducing stress.

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Help you spend more time with family
Does kitchen design have the power to bring together parents and children? Yes it does, according to the results of our survey, with a very high percentage of respondents (69%) reporting that they now spend more family time in the kitchen as a result of the remodel.

The best way to ensure this happens with your redesign is to involve your children in the project at an early stage. Ask them what features they’d love to see in their home and get them onboard right from the start. That way, they’re likely to use the space more once it’s completed and, hopefully, also look after it.

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Encourage you to eat more fruit and veg
Do you struggle to hit your five a day? A kitchen redesign could, rather surprisingly, help you meet your daily fruit and veg target according to our research.

How so? Well, perhaps it’s the benefit of a new food storage system, allowing you to see what fresh produce you have, or perhaps a new kitchen brings with it a zeal for healthy eating, but 23% of Houzzers surveyed noted significant habit changes post-renovation, including eating more fruit and vegetables.

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Aid proper sit-down meals
Forget grabbing food on the fly, 42% of those surveyed said that, as a result of their kitchen redesign, they now have more sit-down meals.

So if you want to spend more time enjoying food, company and conversation, think about how a kitchen redesign could enable this. From carving out a good-sized seating area to ensuring your cooking layout is optimised, there are many ways in which good design can transform the way you live in your home.

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Cut down your takeaway intake
And what’s the logical conclusion of all this healthy eating and fresh food prep? The number of homeowners ordering takeaway meals showed a corresponding decline. Over a third of all those we quizzed said their new kitchen meant they reduced the amount of takeaway and delivery meals they were ordering in.

It must be all those shiny new ovens and stacks of cookbooks calling out for use. Or perhaps homeowners just can’t find the takeaway menus in the new redesign…

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