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Clever Ways to Store Your Pan Lids

Kitchen storage sorted? How about those awkward saucepan lids?

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When many of us are designing our kitchens, we think about where we’re going to store everything from pans and tableware to ingredients and cutlery, but we often overlook one of the most awkward items of all – those flat yet cumbersome pan lids. The handles make them impossible to stack and they usually end up balanced precariously somewhere near the cookware. Check out these ideas to help you find a spot for these essential pieces of kitchen kit.

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Go sideways
If you have a drawer that’s deep enough, you can store your pan lids sideways. To keep them in place, create a partition along one length, as here. This drawer has grooves for the partition to slot into, but you could do something similar with plastic drawer dividers, which you can buy from various outlets and online.

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This idea works in a standard-sized drawer, too, as long as you only store your pan lids. Here, the custom-made drawer has four partitions for lids and placemats. Again, you could use plastic dividers instead.

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Make it a classic
A wall-mounted lid hanger like this is a simple and useful option. The owner of this kitchen can access pans and lids quickly from the hob area, which makes cooking a lot easier.

You can buy pan lid holders like these from a number of outlets and they’re available in designs that fit on the wall or on the back of a cupboard door.

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Create an inner drawer
If you’re having your kitchen handmade, consider a design like this one. A deep drawer holds large pots and pans, while an internal pull-out ledge is ideal for storing lids.

This kind of drawer isn’t only available bespoke, however. Most off-the-shelf kitchens offer wide drawers with an inner part for smaller items, such as cutlery. One of these could also work for storing your pan lids.

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Keep it simple
If you’re hanging your pans on a rail, or on pull-out hooks like these, consider whether this nifty way to store the lids would work for your style of cookware. Slot the pan handle through the lid handle and there you go – a brilliantly simple way to organise your saucepan covers.

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Use cabinet doors
The inside of cupboard doors are often under-utilised, but there are so many ways they can solve your kitchen clutter conundrums. A wire rack is the perfect place for slotting pan lids, keeping them neat and out of the way.

Don’t forget, if you’re putting storage on your cabinet doors, it’s important to make sure the inner shelves don’t protrude too much or you won’t be able to shut the door. If they’re too deep, you might have to shave off a few centimetres to make the design work efficiently.

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Peg them up
Pegboards are a wonderfully handy item to have in your kitchen and can be used for any number of things. This board has been used to store some heavy pans and their lids. Plate holders have been slotted into the holes to hold the covers in place.

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