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Barstool Inspiration for Minimal, Modern Kitchens

Pick your favourite from this roundup of styles to suit a slick, contemporary cookspace

On the lookout for the perfect kitchen stool? Whether you fancy backless or with support, padded or plain, take a look at this selection suitable for minimal-style kitchens to inspire your own seating choice.

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Add in some colour
In a monochrome kitchen, why not introduce an element of colour with your seating choice? These vivid green stools inject a dose of character into this slick scheme. If you can’t decide between the different shades, there’s no need to go for a single hue – as long as the stools are all the same style, a mix of colours would add a touch of individuality, too.

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Try a crescent shape
These stools are a hardwearing choice that pick up the stainless-steel accents found in the rest of the room. The backless design and crescent-shaped seats mean they can be tucked right in under the island overhang, making them a sensible, space-saving option in a small kitchen.

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Go halves
If a totally backless design is not for you, but you don’t want a high back either, how about a half-back style like this, for a touch more perching security? The mix of wood and white is a great match for the rest of this kitchen, and the slight curve of the stools gives a softer look than a straight-cut square top.

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Work in lines
Add a sculptural element to a modern kitchen with a linear design. Here, the black frames of the stools echo the lines on the window panels and dining room chairs. And it would be easy to pop on a cushion to add a little colour to the scheme.

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Pad up
There’s no danger of a numb bum with a padded choice like this! With back support, too, this type of upholstered style would be a good choice if you expect people to be sitting down at the island for extended periods, perhaps when working at a laptop or doing homework.

Many styles like this go up and down in height, too, so they can be adjusted to suit different family members and guests.

How to a choose stone worktop

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Choose wood
Introducing a natural element, like these wooden stools, provides an element of contrast against the stainless steel and slick materials predominantly found in modern, minimal-style kitchens. These ones have square seats, which echo the angular shape of the island under which they’re neatly housed.

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Find a curve
Another option is to soften the hard edges of angular, contemporary kitchen units with a more curvy design, as seen here. The black of the stools works nicely with the kitchen’s colour scheme, while the sinuous shape adds a point of difference.

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Incorporate a cushion
A style like this combines sleek lines and minimal styling with the welcome addition of a cushion. The slightly raised back section helps to keep the cushion in place.

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Get around
A classic style that won’t date, this round stool with its padded top makes it a comfy but unobtrusive choice in a modern kitchen. And black is a practical choice, too, especially in a family home where there are small children with mucky fingers…

Tell us…
What kind of stools do you have in your kitchen – and which of these styles would tempt you to upgrade? Share your thoughts in the Comments section.

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