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Bar Stool Inspiration for Traditional Kitchens

Get the finishing touches of your kitchen right with the perfect bar stool style for your space

Complement a traditional-style kitchen with a stool that’s both comfortable and stylish. Check out the selection below for inspiration for your own home.

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Combine with metal
Here, a rustic wooden seat tops a curvy metal frame on a stool design that suits many styles of kitchen, including traditional. A chunky slab of wood like this has classic connotations – think of a butcher’s block and you’ll start to see why it works in this sort of setting.

If you also have solid wood worktops, though, think twice, especially if the timbers match in tone – it could introduce imbalance. What works here so well is the contrast in colour and materials. Bear that in mind as you browse for your perfect perch.

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Work in some wicker
With its country connotations, wicker looks very at home in a traditional kitchen. The frames of these stools have been painted to match the units, and the wicker seats add a comfy finishing touch.

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Love leather
Soft and supple, the leather seats on these stools will get even better with age, further adding to the classic feel of this kitchen. Leather makes a good alternative to fabric for barstools, as it’s comfy but practical, too.

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Plump for plush
Up the luxury with chair-style stools upholstered in velvet. Best suited to a grown-up space (sticky little fingers and pale grey velvet are probably not a good mix), these add a sophisticated dining-room feel to this kitchen, so would work well to help define an elegant dining zone in an open-plan space.

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Mix with modern
Contrast trad-style units with contemporary stools to create a different feel. Here, the curvy lines offer a lighter look set against the solid wood units, while the black plastic is a practical choice in a busy kitchen.

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Stay light
Complement pale colours with blonde wooden stools for a light, bright feel. The rustic styling of these seats suits the traditional, welcoming feel of the kitchen, further enhanced by the cosy leather armchair.

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Blend materials
The combination of black seats on wooden legs gives these stools a contemporary edge that still works well with the traditional-style units. The wooden legs also help to make the stools stand out against the black of the slate floor.

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Go for a spindle
If you’ve always hankered after a farmhouse kitchen, bring in a touch of country with traditional-style spindle-back stools. These ones have been left plain, but they would also look good topped with a cushion, as a way to introduce some pattern.

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Square up
Reflecting the angular lines found elsewhere in this kitchen, these square-topped stools look bright and fresh against the putty-coloured backdrop of the island. The white wood is balanced by the white-painted woodwork – skirting boards, door frames and ceiling.

If you can find partners for your chosen colours elsewhere in the room, you’ll always create a scheme with a splash more harmony than it would otherwise have.

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