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Bar Stool Inspiration for Kitchens with Character

Check out this selection of seat styles that will add interest to your cookspace

More than just somewhere to sit, the design of a kitchen stool can have a big impact on the finished feel of a room. This roundup focuses on stools that are meant to be admired in their own right, not tucked away out of sight.

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Go glam
In this cute little open-plan kitchen, a row of velvet-covered, gold-framed stools gives an Art Deco cocktail bar vibe. Gold’s renewed popularity means there’s an increasing number of styles like this around. Alternatively, look in junk and antiques shops for something like these, or some brass numbers that could be re-covered in velvet.

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Plump for pattern
Break up an expanse of white units with some upholstered patterned bar stools. Stick to a monochrome design, as seen here, for a classic look, or use the stools as a way to introduce some cheery colour into a plain kitchen.

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Mix up styles
There’s no rule that says all the stools need to be the same, as this eclectic selection demonstrates. To stop the kitchen looking like a mishmash, these seats all share a common colour or material with other elements in the room.

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Add some shine
These silver stools add a swish final touch to this kitchen – imagine how different the overall look would be with wooden bar stools instead. Choose high-shine metals like this for a grown-up, glam feel.

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Choose a colour
Juxtaposing styles is a tried and tested way to add character to a space, and this is shown to great effect in this kitchen. The traditional styling is given a modern jolt with the addition of the yellow metal stools.

Colour is just one way to introduce juxtaposition – perhaps you could look at contrasting eras or materials instead.

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Incorporate detailing
Make your bar stools the focal point by choosing a style with a more sculptural feel. The curvy legs, rounded foot rests and high backs mean these eye-catching seats form an integral part of the overall scheme.

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Paint the legs
A new kitchen is such a big financial outlay that when it comes to unit colour, most of us play it safe. But the stools (and here the island, too) are ideal for a bit of colour experimentation. Try painting the legs in a rainbow selection to add an easy dollop of character.

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Quirk it up
For a really individual look, get creative with your seating choice. These saddle seats add an unexpected element of fun to this ultra-modern kitchen. Do an internet image search for ‘novelty bar stool’ to find everything from giant champagne corks to upcycled beer barrels to inspire other ideas for something unusual.

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Lighten with white
Grey continues to be a very popular kitchen colour, so use the stools to inject some contrast into the scheme. The bright white of these slick seats sits nicely against the dark grey island, and the rounded design provides another point of difference to all the sharp angles.

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