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Are These the Best Kitchen Islands With Built-in Tech?

From pop-up plug sockets to neat charging stations, power up your kitchen island with these ideas

Tech is everywhere in the home these days, and no more so than in the kitchen. Islands can be ideal places to incorporate appliances, but they also provide a good area for useful tech solutions, as these smart designs demonstrate.

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Hide the power
The more electronic devices you have, the more plug points you need, and this pop-up socket and charging unit offers a smart solution on a kitchen island. Neat and discreet, a unit like this means there are no ugly power points permanently on display.

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Bring to the boil
For those partial to a cup of tea, an instant boiling-water tap means no more waiting for the kettle to boil to make a brew. And of course, it’s also very useful for cooking (pasta, vegetables etc).

This island has one alongside a standard tap by the sink, cutting out the need for a kettle altogether and freeing up valuable worktop space.

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Try a new pop-up
If you don’t fancy having an extractor fan hanging down from the ceiling over an island cooking area, how about installing a pop-up version?

This downdraft extractor has been teamed with a gas hob, and not only does it whisk away cooking smells, it acts as a safety barrier for people sitting on the other side of the island, chatting to the chef. When the cooking is done, it can be pushed tidily back into the recess again.

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Store in a drawer
Gadgets, gadgets everywhere. Sound familiar? A slimline drawer incorporated into the kitchen island provides the perfect place to stash them out of sight. And the addition of cable storage slots and built-in charging points should spell the end of frantic searching for the right charger when the power is about to give out.

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Disguise behind a drawer front
If you don’t have the space to dedicate a full drawer to storing gadgets, how about a flip down drawer front like this? It pulls out to reveal a couple of sockets and a little cubby to store charging cables.

A drawer like this can be squeezed into the narrowest of islands and would provide a constant power supply for a couple of tablets or laptops.

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Tuck it away
An even smaller solution for space-strapped kitchens is a mini drop-down hatch like this, to provide a neat spot for charging a phone. Keeping it off the worktop means there’s no unsightly tangle of wires on display, it won’t get splattered while you cook, and, if you always charge it in the same place, you’ll always know where you’ve left it!

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Beam me up
Overhead lighting is essential for food prep, and a trio of pendants over a kitchen island is a popular way to provide it. But this smart island design goes one step further, with a strip of LED lighting underneath, too, providing a warm wash of light at ground level and visually ‘lifting’ the unit. This is a useful tip to make an island appear less bulky in a small kitchen, tricking the eye into thinking the whole thing is gently floating above the floor.

For the more adventurous, linear LED lights like this come in a range of colours, many with wirelessly controlled colour-changing options – perfect if you want to get in a party mood.

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What tech solutions would you want on your kitchen island? Share your ideas in the Comments section.

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