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8 of the Best L-shaped Kitchens on Houzz

Take a look at these smart spaces for all the inspiration you need to ace a fab L-shaped layout

As the name implies, an L-shaped kitchen is comprised of two adjoining runs of units. This type of layout is a popular and practical choice for a kitchen as it provides two clear work zones, usually with the hob on one length and the sink on the other. And, as the examples below demonstrate, an L-shaped layout can easily be adapted to suit whatever space is available, making it a good choice for both big and small kitchens.

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Pick a prime position
The owners of this beautiful L-shaped design get top marks for thinking outside the box when it came to planning their kitchen. In a period terrace like this, the kitchen is normally found at the back of the house, but the owners moved it to the front. The breakfast bar separates the cookspace from the main dining area, which has beautiful views of the garden. Opting for open display shelves instead of wall units has helped to give the space a light and airy feel.

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Go large
When thinking about where to put big appliances in a small space such as this one, it’s all about give and take. To make up for the lack of worktop space next to the sink (because of the fridge), the run on the long wall has been extended as far as possible, providing ample area for food prep and even a couple of bar stools underneath.

Sticking the fridge at the far end of the long run would have allowed for a bit more counter space next to the sink, but it would have overwhelmed the kitchen and blocked the available light. Neatly tucked into the corner like this was a much better option.

Ideas for making the most of awkward spaces in a kitchen

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Get in the zone
To create the feeling of a separate zone, this L-shaped kitchen, which is part of an open-plan living space, has a distinctive patterned floor to mark it off from the wooden flooring used in the living area. The striking dark units look stylish but not stark teamed with warm wood and white walls.

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Stay on side
Here, both the hob and the sink are on the same run of units, leaving the other section of the ‘L’ available for a coffee and tea station. A tall unit housing the fridge-freezer is slotted in neatly at the end. Two other clever features are the bulkheads over the run of units. The owners wanted to create a recessed look for the kitchen and these two structures have done just that.

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Add an island
The owners of this kitchen have used the basic ‘L’ shape for the units, but have also included an island. If you have the space, this is a good option as an island allows the cook to face out into the room and chat when getting dinner ready. In many L-shaped layouts, the reality is that the cook is likely to face the wall while preparing and cooking food.

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Factor in storage
You can never have too much storage, right? Rather than using the short run as a breakfast bar, here it’s packed with drawers and cupboards instead. This meant there was no need for wall units, which freed up space for some statement brickwork. The table and chairs by the windows provide seating.

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Be open
We love the industrial-meets-rustic style of this kitchen, but we haven’t picked this one just for its good looks. A special mention needs to go to the ‘floating’ worktop, which allows light from the back of the space to flow through the room. And then there’s the extra-wide worktops, which ensure the storage below is roomy.

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Choose colours carefully
A mix of dark and light units works well here, with a slim run of white units on the long wall providing useful extra storage without dominating this compact space. And the dark units ensure the room has warmth.

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