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12 Kitchens That Work With Curves

Curved elements are not only practical in a kitchen, they also look great. Be inspired by these well-rounded designs

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A kitchen doesn’t have to be all straight lines and boxy details. From curved worktops, islands and cabinetry to waterfall edges in a range of materials and finishes, there are plenty of rounded elements you can incorporate into a kitchen renovation. Check out these 12 stylish kitchens that use curvy details for visual impact and to great effect.

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Banish hard angles
The simple addition of a curved, not angled, breakfast bar makes all the difference to accessing this warm but compact space. The curved edges of the table ensure there are no sharp corners to bump into when entering the kitchen. The dark timber resonates against the fresh blue cabinetry and, supported by a single leg, the table doesn’t obstruct the floor space, making for an open entrance.

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Create a contrast
The curved front section of this large kitchen island is enhanced by the linear effect of the wood grain. Laid vertically, the timber panels create an interesting visual contrast to the horizontal flow of the curve. To create space for stools to slide underneath, the plinth base curves under the worktop, thereby creating a seating area.

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Save on space
This small kitchen is much improved with the addition of some carefully created curves. Space was obviously an issue in this L-shaped room, so the appliances were moved to a bank at the entrance to the kitchen, giving over the rest of the space to storage. The layout now has sleek and seamless lines, which visually open the space and make the room feel larger.

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Pop in a punch of colour
With its brilliant splash of sunny yellow, this worktop most certainly calls attention to itself. The simplicity of the design is enhanced by the curved finish at one end and the deep shine of the glossy surface. Here, the curves make a feature of the island’s bulky structure, which is given a lift thanks to the 20mm-thick engineered stone worktop.

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Match your curves
Distinguished by its curvy shapes and lime and aqua bursts of colour, this kitchen features a round breakfast bar that matches the curve of the raised bar area adjacent to the sink. The bright colours make the white elements really stand out, while the curves are kept to the front of the kitchen to soften the view of the room.

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Team round and straight lines
This interestingly shaped island cleverly incorporates both curved edges and straight lines as well as a variety of heights. Not only does it look great but it’s also highly practical, featuring a range of surfaces to allow for the different workspaces required.

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Let it flow
The waterfall edge of this worktop has a soft curve at the point it moves from horizontal to vertical, enhancing the feeling of “flow” and cleverly off-setting the other angled elements of the kitchen. The bright white worktop matches the units and structural support, and complements the timber elements.

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Choose a C-shaped island
If you have the space, a freestanding C-shaped island makes a generous central workspace, one that can combine preparation areas, washing-up space, a cooking area and a breakfast bar. Cleverly, this island also creates a clear flow of traffic to stop visitors entering the work zones while still allowing clear passage to and fro.

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Round off a worktop
Reminiscent of a racing car track, this stunning monolithic worktop has been shaped for maximum effect. The gradient of the slope is much shallower than a standard waterfall edge, but you’ll need plenty of space to allow for this unique shape to be created. The kitchen has a strong industrial feel thanks to its polished concrete floor and worktop.

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Go in complete circles
A completely curved design defines the shape of this kitchen, which sits within a larger (rectangular) living area. The shape is repeated in the almost round island, further promoting the curvy theme and creating a sociable, encompassing feel. Light streams in from the double-height windows to highlight the kitchen’s quality finishes.

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Think around a tricky layout
This unusually shaped kitchen wouldn’t have been possible without the use of curves to help the design suit the space. A large rear bank of floor-to-ceiling cabinets follows the only straight line in the space, while the big island demarcates the kitchen from the rest of the living area. The turquoise bar stools add a brilliant splash of jewelled colour which works well with the timber tones.

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Opt for compact curves
This curved island cleverly makes the most of a central compact space, providing both a prep area and room for casual dining. It’s accessible from all sides so makes full use of the worktop and also includes a wealth of storage underneath.

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