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10 Smart Storage Tips for Your Kitchen Bins

Keep kitchen rubbish stylishly tucked away with these clever solutions

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Rubbish can be ugly and it often takes up valuable space in the kitchen, but it’s also an unavoidable part of life. Follow these ideas to get smart with your bin storage and turn those unsightly necessities into design features.

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Choose an integrated drawer
The kitchen is probably the room that creates the most waste. The bins generally need to be large and you’ll often need more than one for different types of rubbish. If you can spare the space, sacrifice a cabinet and conceal the bins within the unit. This leaves your floor space clear and hides the bins from view.

Many kitchens feature dedicated bin storage units that allow multiple rubbish receptacles to help you divide up your waste for easy recycling. Pull-out units and drawers make accessibility super-easy and maximise the depth of the carcass.

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Tuck in a handy shelf
Make full use of every inch of space within a pull-out cabinet by creating a shelf around a bin for smaller bits and pieces, such as cleaning products and spare bin liners.

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Reinvent an existing drawer
If you need to incorporate more bin storage, but aren’t renovating your kitchen, consider how you can repurpose an existing cupboard or drawer unit. Door-mounted bins can easily be added to a hinged cabinet door or, as shown here, fill a drawer with paper or plastic containers to use as hidden bin storage. It’s an easy, low-cost option to help you divide your waste items.

This works in kitchen cabinets and larder or pantry units, but also in other rooms in the house for a concealed wastepaper basket.

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Pop in a top-opening cupboard
An alternative to the pull-out drawer unit is a top-opening cupboard that tilts from the bottom, a bit like a dishwasher door. This is a great one for those with limited floor space, as it’s less obtrusive when left open, and can be squeezed into narrow spaces.

Without the side runners, it also makes full use of the width of the unit for an added space-maximising bonus.

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Install a waste disposal unit
Waste disposal units are becoming increasingly popular in British kitchens. These clever little systems conveniently grind up food waste into tiny particles, allowing it to be washed down the drain.

As well as being environmentally friendly, they also negate the need for the often unsightly compost bin, making them a particularly useful feature in smaller kitchens, where worktop space is precious.

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Stash away food waste
Another way to prevent your food waste caddy from cluttering the worktop is by hiding it under the work surface. Here, a handy cut-out in the worktop makes it a doddle to dispose of food waste and offcuts. Simply pop the lid off and sweep it in.

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Pick a good spot
When choosing where to place your bins, consider the layout of your kitchen and how you’ll use it. Positioning a food waste bin near your preparation area and/or sink will be the most practical option.

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Design a preparation station
If you want to take it one step further, why not design your own chef’s prep station? Knives, chopping boards and food waste bin, all within arm’s reach.

This bespoke prep station features fold-out knife storage and a bin beneath the worktop in a beautiful curved wood unit. Chopping vegetables never felt so luxurious.

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Plan a tailor-made nook
If you have minimal cabinet space, then a freestanding bin may be a better option to allow you to maximise your storage. There are loads of stylish options available in a variety of sizes and colours, so you can pick one that works for you and complements your kitchen style.

Considering where your bins will go when planning your kitchen layout will help ensure they’re in a practical place without being in the way. If you have room, multiple bins can help to divide food waste from recyclable items. Labels or colour-coordinated styles will help make it super-easy.

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Go for something different
Recycling may not be the most exciting task, but your dedicated bins needn’t be boring. Get creative with your waste containers and make them a little quirky.

These paper sacks are super-cool and the neon labels are handy and attractive. Drawing attention to your bins by turning them into decorative accessories encourages others to use them, too. It’s a stylish way to save the planet.

Where do you keep your kitchen bins? Do you have any bin storage tips? Share your ideas and photos in the Comments below.

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