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10 of the Best Smart and Stylish Utility Spaces

Check out these utility rooms for inspiration on combining practical needs with attractive looks

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A well-designed utility space can help to keep your home tidy and organised, and makes getting on with those mundane chores easier. Here are some clever ideas to create a streamlined, functioning space that not only works like a dream, but looks good, too.

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Go for classic and elegant
This multi-functional space has everything you need from a utility room. There’s enough storage for appliances and household products, a practical farmhouse sink, and pegs and shelving for smaller items.

At the same time, there is nothing complicated about the room. The green paintwork is simple and stylish, and the wooden worktop gives a cosy, rustic feel.

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Stack inside a cupboard
Haven’t got a separate utility room? Don’t let that stop you. It’s easy to design a utility cupboard, even in a small property. The tall space here includes two sturdy shelves that perfectly fit the washing machine and tumble dryer, with room for laundry products at the top. Stacking the appliances away like this frees up more storage space in the kitchen.

More ideas on how to integrate a utility space

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Use the wall space
Clever design in this laundry room has helped to keep the space streamlined. Clothes driers are fitted with a hinge to wall-mounted frames, and can be pulled down when needed. At other times, the driers fit tidily inside the frames. Not only is the design practical, but it looks rather beautiful too.

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House your bulky items
The key to a good utility cupboard is designing it to precisely fit your needs. This blue cupboard houses some well-thought out solutions for storing everything. There is space to fit the vacuum cleaner, iron and laundry baskets. At the side there is even a long thin space for the ironing board.

When you’re planning a utility space, think about how you want to use it and measure the dimensions of everything you need to store. That way you can maximise the area to perfectly suit your needs.

How to plan the perfect utility room

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Opt for adjustable shelving
It pays to be precise with your measurements when planning a utility space, but it’s also important to include more flexible storage.

This boot cupboard is a great example of how adjustable shelves can accommodate the changing needs of your household. The shelves can be moved up and down the slats depending on the size of the boots. So when the children need bigger boots, the shelf height can be changed to make room.

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Embrace a traditional look
Sometimes the old ideas are the best. These traditional ceiling racks look beautiful, and the pulley that moves them up and down is a simple and effective system.

These wooden racks work perfectly in this pared-back utility room. The old-fashioned apple box, wicker basket and garden trug complete the look.

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Make things portable
A trolley is a great solution if you need to move your utility equipment around the home. This is especially practical when your utility room isn’t large enough for appliances, or for laying out an ironing board. Place all your essentials on the trolley and wheel it out when you need it.

The choice of natural materials and neutral colours here means all the household items look stylish. It will look aesthetically pleasing, no matter where it’s placed around the house. Style and practicality on wheels!

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Cosy it up
There’s no reason why a utility room should feel cold and clinical. If you’re going to spend some time doing the laundry, you might as well feel cosy at the same time. This space is given a warm, homely look with the addition of a patterned rug.

The blue colour scheme and matching plates add to the look. It feels more like a lived-in room, rather than just a practical space.

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Raise your washing machine
Bending down to fill and empty the washing machine can be hard on your back, and invariably something gets left behind when you can’t quite see inside. Instead, lift your washing machine up to standing level, as has been done here.

A small drawer sits beneath the washing machine for laundry products, raising the height of the machine and removing the need to bend down when loading. It’s such a simple solution, but incredibly effective.

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Ventilate the cupboards
If you’re worried that clothes stored in a cupboard will become musty, drill some holes in the door. These bespoke cupboards have a triangle of holes at the top to aerate the laundry and coats inside. The items remain sweet smelling, rather than stale.

What do you think of these utility rooms? Do you have some other favourites on Houzz? Share your thoughts and photos in the Comments below.

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