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10 Kitchens With Modern Country Appeal

Be inspired to create a warm and inviting kitchen with traditional farmhouse features and a few contemporary twists

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If you want your kitchen to be a welcoming hub for friends and family, a country-style design is a good choice. Check out these gorgeous cookspaces that all feature rustic must-haves with some elegant modern additions.

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Store your country essentials
The huge island here provides enough space to store plenty of wood and kindling for a fire or wood-burning stove. Either side are slatted surfaces, which are perfect for keeping fruit and vegetables.

By having everything in one central space, you’ll be able to access it easily. Make sure you choose natural materials for your storage containers to add to the rustic look.

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Invest in a range cooker
It is, of course, not essential, but if you’re going to splash out on one thing for your country kitchen, a range cooker is a good choice. The iconic Aga is now available in a variety of designs and colours, like this white, three-oven model, which blends beautifully with the cream cabinetry and splashback tiles.

For a less expensive option, go for one of the many other types of range cooker that are available – it will look just as attractive. It’s a good idea to buy a large cooker like this at the outset, so you can design the kitchen around it.

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Fall for a farmhouse sink
A key element of a country kitchen is the classic farmhouse sink. A deep ceramic basin like this one is a practical option in a busy kitchen, as there’s enough room for soaking large pots and bowls. The double sink here is useful, too, as one can be used for dishes and the other for washing vegetables.

For even more functionality, look out for double sinks that include a shallow basin to make peeling potatoes even easier.

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Max out the island
The owners of this large cookspace have made the most of the space with a huge island. By painting it in a contrasting shade to the rest of the kitchen, they’ve also turned it into a feature.

The design of the units is a classic country style, but the introduction of marble worktops and large, stainless-steel appliances has given the room a contemporary edge.

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Weave in a farmhouse table
No country-style kitchen is complete without a table or surface around which the household can gather. This airy room is large enough to accommodate a rustic dining table. The turned legs give it a traditional feel and the off-white paint lightens up the solid wood on the table top and chairs. It makes a lovely central feature in the middle of the room.

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Create the look with panelling
These elegant units could have looked like a classic Scandinavian kitchen, but the tongue-and-groove panelling gives the space a farmhouse feel. The cladding on the wall is carried through to the island to create a cohesive look.

Not only is panelling like this attractive, it’s practical, too. The wall behind the sink is protected from splashes and the narrow shelf and hooks attached to it provide handy storage.

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Cosy up your island
The country look is all about natural materials and informality, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a modern island, too. These homeowners have tucked a small, rustic table next to their island to give the smart design a more relaxed feel.

When it’s not being used for meals, the table’s position has the added bonus of providing an extra worksurface.

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Display your tableware
Replicate the look of a traditional Welsh dresser by choosing glass-fronted wall units and a wooden plate rack. The displayed crockery here is bright white, which adds a streamlined, modern twist to the country-style kitchen.

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Bring in bold colour
Give your rustic kitchen a contemporary feel by painting the cabinetry in a bright colour. Here, the strong blue livens up the space and brings a traditional design bang up to date.

The look is softened with the addition of bare wood units along the walls, while the metal extractor fan emphasises the scheme’s modern feel.

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Add some feature lighting
Almost everything in this beautiful kitchen has a traditional farmhouse feel. However, the modern pendant lights add a contemporary twist to the space. They provide a lovely contrast to the sculptural chimney breast, the old beams and the wicker basket. At the same time, the copper tones complement the oak surfaces and natural stone floor.

What’s your kitchen style? Are you a fan of the country look, or do you prefer a more modern cookspace? Share your thoughts in the Comments below.

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