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10 Kitchens We’d Love to Spend Christmas In

Whether you’re cooking or eating, the kitchen is the heart of the Christmas season. Enjoy these fabulous festive spaces

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The kitchen is always the room that sees the most action at Christmas: for cooking, dining, sneaking a mince pie or a cheeky top-up, and – reluctantly – clearing up. And whether you gather with a crowd or enjoy a quiet Christmas for one or two, you’ll want it to look good. So here are some dream kitchens to inspire you.

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Highlight the bold
Red isn’t the easiest colour to live with in a kitchen, but at Christmas, it’s surely a must-have. So if you’ve gone for a plain scheme but splashed colour on a kitchen island, now’s the time to really play it up.

That means choosing everything from crackers to candles in a matching hue. Use foliage – whether real or fake – to take it down a notch, add a touch of gold, and you’ve got the perfect Christmas room.

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Go for festive gold
Who could resist this glamorous kitchen at Christmas? A similar effect could be achieved with metal cladding in gold or copper fitted to the back of a kitchen island. Or revamp a splashback with sparkly mosaic tiles or a fabulous metallic wallpaper behind glass.

If you’re on a very tight budget, why not paint a section of wall with gold paint, or just buy sparkling accessories?

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Dip into Downton Abbey grandeur
With its warming range, roaring fire and huge dining table, this kitchen might look as if it were created for the serving class, but it’s certainly the kind of place you could linger while finishing off a figgy pudding.

For all its aged appearance, it’s an easy look to recreate if you’re starting from scratch. Even without a wonderful old fireplace like this one, reclaimed flagstone flooring, a Shaker-style kitchen, a farmhouse table, and putty-painted panelled walls will go a long way.

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Party hard, party long
For all its reserved minimalism, hidden appliances and pared-back furniture and décor, this looks like the kind of kitchen where you’d eat a sophisticated meal but end up dancing on the vast dining table.

And however much mess you make, the easy-to-clean floor and surfaces, plus floor-to-ceiling cupboards, mean it’s easy to have things looking shipshape again in no time.

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Say yes to shimmering style
If you want a kitchen that’s Christmas-ready year-round, take this one as inspiration. The doors and open shelving have an antiqued silver finish, the shelves are backed with mirror, and the worktops are gleaming.

Gloss like this does come at a price, though: you’ll spend a fair amount of time buffing the surfaces – but it will be worth it.

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Revel in the view
This kitchen makes the fantasy wish list because it’s so easy to imagine taking a country walk, then coming back to drink mulled wine around the island while enjoying the view – indoors and out.

The exposed wooden beams add bags of welcoming texture and the flagstone floor will stand up to all sorts of festive spillages.

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Take the weight off
With Christmas dinner done, all most of us really want to do is indulge in a few light party games and loll about in front of the TV – which is why this vast space is so perfect: tons of room for cooking, and plenty of options for lounging and playing.

Trying something similar (if on a smaller scale)? Use rugs under seating areas to keep them feeling cosy and welcoming.

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Work a rustic vibe
There’s something about this kitchen that says, “If you cook your turkey here, everything will taste like Nigel Slater made it.” In other words, the laid-back, country-in-the-city style of the tiles, painted units and rustic kitchen island all add up to a room that’s probably inhabited by a creative cook.

The colourful seat and baskets ramp up the cool, eclectic look effortlessly, too.

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Embrace country chic in the city
Urban kitchens are all very well, but they just don’t have what it takes at Christmas, when what many of us want is a perfect fantasy farmhouse kitchen to celebrate in.

So here’s the ideal compromise: a contemporary country kitchen, perfect for a city home. Everything’s pared back – but there’s still space for firewood and a tin bath (which is no doubt for marinating a turkey, Nigella-style).

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Cook up family-sized fun
If the entire family – including the in-laws – are coming for Christmas, this is the kitchen to fantasise over. There’s enough room at the breakfast bar to cope with Christmas Eve drinks, and plenty of space left over for a dining table or two to cater for the big sit-down lunch.

Plus, there’s an adjoining living space, so everyone can be together all the time. Er… bliss?

Do you have an idea of your fantasy Christmas kitchen? Share it in the Comments section.

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