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10 Best Patterns For Kitchen Curtains

Window treatments can be finicky things. Finding the right pattern in the right fabric, not to mention the right size. With so many elements involved, kitchen windows often get stuck with a meager set of blinds or the discarded floral curtain. When there is so much else happening in the kitchen, no one will notice, right? Wrong. Kitchen curtains will have a great effect on the feeling of your kitchen, just like every other room. And you definitely want your kitchen to feel homey, especially being a room you spend so much time in. So to help you make your kitchen feel more welcoming, here are the 10 best patterns for kitchen curtains to get you started.

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Many times, when people think about patterned kitchen curtains, they think of farm animals. And they’re right! Nowadays, there are all kinds of farm animal patterns that won’t look like they came from your grandma’s kitchen.

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Classic and chic, stripes prove to be a great option for curtains anywhere in your home, even the kitchen. They’ll go perfectly in a farmhouse or even in a modern loft. Find a stripe you like and you’ll never have you switch up your curtains again.

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Floral curtains are definitely worth considering for your kitchen. When much of the space is light colored cabinetry, floral curtains can lend a bit of interest to your eyes while serving a purpose. The best combination.

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How in the world do you choose curtains for your modern kitchen? The answer is found in the abstract. Opt for a pattern in complementing colors that will make you think of a modern painting instead of a barnyard or a field.

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When you find yourself on a tight budget, choosing curtains for your kitchen can seem impossible. But it doesn’t have to be. Go for the embroidered sheer curtains and you’ll find that they will add an element of elegance to your kitchen.

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One of the best things about roman shades are the available patterns due to the flat style. A colorful zigzag pattern is perfect for the kitchen that hosts snack time and toddler birthday parties.

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Believe it or not, plaid can be a lovely option for kitchen curtains. Just leave out the rest stripe and they go from Tartan kilt to soft and nostalgic. Obviously this works especially well for country kitchens.

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Speaking of country kitchens, aren’t these buffalo check curtains perfection? For a pattern that has grown in popularity this year, you’ll want to consider adding a set of your own into your kitchen.

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Maybe you’re in the process of transitioning your home from one style to another. If that’s the case, go for a simple neutral colored grid curtain like these. They can be country or modern or family friendly or eclectic or whatever you want them to be.

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When it comes down to it, you have to make sure that you get a set of curtains you like. Figure out your budget, measure and start looking through curtains in your favorite pattern. It will make you happier than that dirty set of blinds.


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