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9 Neat Ways to Fit a Console into Your Small Hallway

From narrow console tables to square and curved ones – there are many ways to fit a console into a small hallway

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Need a small console table for your hallway? Check out these ideas to find out how best to locate a handy surface in your entrance, whether it’s a slim console, a square or curved number or one that fits neatly around a radiator.

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Frame a radiator
This narrow hallway console table fits perfectly into the space with just enough room for two lamps, a pretty potted plant, a small box for keys and a giant mirror above to reflect the light. There’s actually a radiator on the same wall, which could have been a problem. However, the designers have cleverly built the table around it, creating a neat frame with the heater in the middle to give some welcome warmth to whoever enters.

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Make things match
In this hall, a slim console table also solves the radiator challenge, again by forming a frame around it. The beautiful floor of this hallway takes centre stage, so the owners have chosen a simple design for the console that ties in with the monochrome shapes on the floor without overwhelming the rest of the space.

A marble surface complements the white tiles, while some bright flowers and bowls add a vivid touch of colour to the black-and-white scheme.

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Add some drama
It’s tempting to go for light tones and plain surfaces in a small space to open out the area and give it an airy feel. This can work, but it can be equally effective to embrace the cosiness of a small space and create some drama instead.

The black-and-white paper on the walls and the equally slick console table would certainly make an impact as you come in the door. A full-length mirror creates an optical illusion, and the lamp, ornaments and artwork bring in even more opulent style.

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Be square
In a small square hallway, go for a table that matches the space. This square vintage hallway table fits perfectly in the area by the door, and provides plenty of surface for knick-knacks and a vase of flowers.

When you’re looking for a hallway console table, it’s worth considering options other than the standard models. Hunt around in second-hand stores or online to find an alternative table that could work just as well.

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Combine with shoe storage
This hallway isn’t tiny, but a console table like this one would work well in a small space. The chunky design is sturdy enough, but its narrow shape would fit in a tight spot. The beauty of a console like this one is that it combines a top surface with extra storage. There are drawers for keys, coins and outerwear, as well as a recess for shoes below, so there’s no need to add any extra pieces of furniture.

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Go for elegant lines
For a slim console table that works well in a small space, pick a design with long, thin legs like this one. The open design of the table takes up less space and creates a feeling of flow in the hallway. It’s perfect if you want to make a style statement without impinging on a tight area.

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Tone in with the walls
Another way to prevent your console from overwhelming the space is to merge it with its background. Once again, this isn’t a small hallway, but the idea would be perfect in a cosy entrance. The sky blue walls are a bright backdrop for the grey-toned console and everything on top has similar hues. It looks beautiful and inviting, but as the table melts into the wall behind, it appears to recede rather than impede.

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Get curvy
Ensure there are no collisions with sharp edges by popping in a curved console table, rather than a straight one. This half-moon model is the ideal fit for the wall here – it fills the space without blocking the route through the doorway into the next room.

The vintage style of this hallway console table goes well with the cosy feel of the rest of home, and gives you a clue as to what to expect as soon as you enter.

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Tuck it next to the stairs
No room near the front door? Look elsewhere for places to pop your console table. If you don’t have a cupboard door under your staircase, make the most of the space by tucking in a table instead. This pale wood design contrasts beautifully with the inky wall behind, and at the same time tones in with the bright white staircase.

Have you put a console table into your hallway? Share your tips/photos in the Comments section.

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