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8 Ways to Fit a Seat into Your Hallway

Always hopping on one leg to tie your shoelaces in the morning? Perhaps a bench, chair or stool in the hall would help

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After you’ve put your coat hooks, shoe storage and a surface for keys and coins in your hallway, you’ll probably think there isn’t much room for anything else. But one useful item you might well have forgotten is a seat – brilliantly useful for putting on outerwear or just taking a breather when you arrive home. Check out these ideas for fitting in a handy perch.

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Tuck it under the stairs
If you’ve run out of room in your hallway, how about using the space beneath your stairs? Knock out the doors to that awkward cupboard you can never access properly and turn it into a seating nook instead.

In this home, the designers have built a cosy bench seat with cushions, and installed some handy shelves above it. They’ve even incorporated a wall light, so the owners can use the space more effectively.

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Make it a feature
Rather than tucking your seat out of the way, you could put it on show instead. Hunt around second-hand stores to find an interesting piece that could make a feature, like this vintage, upholstered telephone chair.

The owners have placed the seat right at the end of the hallway, so it’s on view as soon as you enter the home.

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Go for something simple
Your hallway seat doesn’t always have to be fancy, however. In this streamlined space, a simple bench sits neatly against the wall to provide a perch for pulling on boots and doing up shoelaces.

If you go for something like this, make it comfier by popping on some padding, like the homeowners have done here with a made-to-measure cushion.

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Build a narrow bench
The space just inside the door in this hallway is quite shallow, but that hasn’t stopped the designers from building a practical piece of furniture. There’s just about enough room for a cushioned perch with useful drawers underneath.

Remember that your hallway seat is only going to be used briefly each time, so the criteria you would apply to a comfy living room chair, such as a deep seat, isn’t so important.

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Try traditional
The classic hallway seating option is a storage bench like this one. Choose a sturdy, attractive design with practical baskets below to store outerwear, and slot it neatly underneath a row of coat hooks.

To make the most of your investment, make sure you hunt around for something that’s robust and easy to keep clean.

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Opt for an ottoman
An ottoman is a wonderfully versatile item to have in your home. Here, one has been handily located in the hallway. It’s perfect for storing shoes, scarves, bags and gloves inside, and the padded lid makes a comfy seat.

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Pop in a window seat
If you’re lucky enough to have a window in your hallway, it makes sense to put a seating area beneath it. By positioning a bench under this small window, the owners have made themselves a cosy nook for relaxing and gazing out at the front garden. It’s a great way to turn your practical hallway perch into something altogether more luxurious.

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Utilise a stool
Perhaps the most simple version of a hallway seat is a stool. It might be basic, but it can still be stylish, as this cool entrance demonstrates. The white stool works in the monochrome colour scheme and looks striking against the black wall behind it.

If you’re going for a stool, choose one that goes with the style of your space to make it feel considered rather than an afterthought.

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