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7 of the Most Organised Hallways on Houzz

Are you ready for a storage masterclass? These neat hallways have it covered

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As a transition space from outdoors to indoors, hallways have to work hard to make sense of the jumble of coats, post, umbrellas and bags that naturally accumulate in this space every day. Clever storage is the key to success here and these seven examples show you how it’s done.

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Make the most of a shallow cupboard
If your hallway’s on the skinny side, take a look at this clever little storage cupboard for inspiration. To make up for the lack of shelf depth, every inch of vertical space has been harnessed instead to make space for hallway essentials.

Wooden dowels allow multiple pairs of shoes to be stacked vertically to the left of the main section (and in a cupboard to the right, obscured in this photo), while flat pegs have been added to the central section, at varying heights, to allow several coats, scarves and bags to be stored flat to the wall, negating the need for bulky clothes hangers.

Bespoke CD storage slots neatly down the left-hand side, while open shelving to the right allows for all those other bits and pieces that can accumulate throughout the day. Close the doors and the entire lot is swept neatly out of sight behind a wall of soothing white.

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Harness country style
There’s something both pleasingly rustic and visually soothing about this neatly planned hallway. A large cupboard, painted the same shade as the wall behind, provides plenty of shoe and coat storage, taking the bulk of the clutter and allowing just a few everyday pieces to be hung decoratively from the peg rail along the wall.

A deep, padded bench offers a comfortable perch for pulling off boots and layers, while wicker baskets below offer extra storage and chime nicely with the wooden shelf above. A woven basket and a couple more large wicker boxes on the shelf tidy away any extra items.

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Build up to the ceiling
This design packs a lot of storage into a medium-sized hallway and it’s all thanks to the clever use of vertical space.

Cupboards have been built along the entire wall on the right. There’s a mix of low cabinets underneath the internal window (which allows the hallway to borrow light from the living room), tall coat cupboards at the end, and row upon row of cubbyholes above, stretching all the way up to the ceiling.

An umbrella stand at the end of the hallway and a slim bench to the left add two more layers of organisation to this ordered and serene space.

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Turn the corner
If you have a hallway nook like this it demands a clever storage solution to prevent it from turning into a messy jumble of boots, shoes and bags. A built-in corner bench will make the most of every inch of floor space, maximising both seating and under-seat storage.

In this space, large baskets have been measured to perfectly fit the space under the bench. Wall hooks provide vertical storage for coats and bags, while a small shelf above provides a perch for miscellaneous items.

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Tuck under the stairs
Maximising the space under the stairs is a classic hallway storage trick and this example shows how careful measuring and planning can make the most of this tricky-shaped area.

Here, three drawers pull out to reveal row upon row of carefully ordered shoes. Tall welly boots tuck into the narrow end of the wedge-shaped space, while flat shoes and trainers fill the low rows behind. Taller shoes, such as high-top canvas trainers, take the top rows to make the most of the extra height.

This tucked-away solution leaves enough space for a chest of drawers to run along the right-hand wall, acting as a console table for post and keys, with two deep drawers into which everything else can be swept.

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Organise your paperwork
If you often find leaflets, flyers and post drifting across tables and cluttering up kitchen worktops, this hallway idea could be the answer to your storage prayers.

As well as designated sections for coats, shoes and bags, there are also eight slim nooks designed into the storage unit to clearly sort and manage ingoing and outgoing post.

You could create something similar by subdividing an existing storage space, or a wall-mounted post rack would serve the same purpose if space is really tight.

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Create a place for everything
This wall of storage is a beautiful example of how bespoke storage can ensure every item has its place in a busy hallway.

Take stock of everything you’ll need to store and design this in when planning a hallway that caters for your family’s needs. Whether that’s plenty of book storage, extra shoe space or a row of hooks for your hat collection, thinking ahead will allow you to build a cabinet like this with a designated place for everything.

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