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7 Genius Tips From The Year’s Most Popular Hallway Stories

Recap on some of the cleverest ideas we’ve seen in our hallway features this year

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Whether you have a narrow space, a dark entrance area, or need some advice about storage, our hallway stories have been full of great advice in 2017. We’ve compiled a selection of handy tips from some of our most popular articles, so you can get a second chance to bookmark the ideas.

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Create a room with a view
Prevent a narrow hallway from feeling squashed with this nifty idea. The wall to the living room has been replaced by a beautiful expanse of glass. It creates a feeling of space and light while still keeping the two areas separate.

If the size and style of this example aren’t matching your budget, consider a series of smaller windows, or a long, narrow pane at eye level.

When you’re planning something like this, however, look thoroughly into Building Regulations and make sure the glass and design are fire-safe.

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Make it easy for kids
When you’re organising your hallway storage, don’t forget to think about the younger members of the household. If kids can’t reach the coat hooks, they’ll probably end up dumping their gear on the floor instead. So make it easy for everyone by installing a row of hooks at a lower height.

In this small recess, the homeowners have positioned some brightly coloured hooks especially for children to quickly hang up their coats and bags when they come in.

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Play with colour
If you’re clever with colour, you can change the way people perceive the size and shape of your hallway. In this home, one wall has been painted in a deep grey, while the opposite one has been kept white. The grey wall appears to recede, so it creates the illusion the room is wider than it is.

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Clear the clutter
For a super-streamlined hallway, it can be worth the time and investment of building a coat and shoe cupboard into the wall with space for a hanging rail. The ideal depth for coat hangers is 60cm, but if you don’t have the space, try alternative ideas instead.

You could fix a forward-facing rail to the back panel that can be pulled out to access coats more easily. Or use hooks to hang the coats, as they’ve done here. A good solution is to combine hangers and hooks – store the coats you use less often on the hangers and save the hooks for garments you need to grab quickly.

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Hunt for hidden depths
Think you have no more room for storage? Take a look around your home to see if you can find some untapped zones. This smart solution is a brilliant way to make a staircase multi-task – the bottom couple of treads have a shoe drawer hidden beneath them.

If you’re considering an idea like this, make sure the drawers will be easy to shut safely by fitting them with recessed handles and soft-close catches.

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Max out the spot below the stairs
You don’t have to stick to cupboards when you’re planning your under-stairs storage area. In this home, the clever designers have added two doors to give access to all of the space below the slope, but they’ve also managed to fit some neat open shelves into the leftover area.

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Tone to blend in
For a subtle way to give your hallway a feeling of space, try toning in the woodwork with the walls. Rather than the usual bright white for the staircase, skirting boards and door frames, choose the same shade as the walls, or go for a similar tone for a layered look.

The elegant cream colour used all over in this hallway gives the space a unified look.

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What were the tips you found most useful in this year’s Houzz stories? Have you used any in your own home? Share your photos and experiences in the Comments section.

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