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5 Things You Never Knew You Needed in Your Hall

Check out the extras that can make the entrance to your home more welcoming – and life more organised

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Whether your hallway is grand entrance or modest lobby, give it a boost that gets top marks for both style and functionality with one of these ideas.

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A wall clock
Hang a clock on the wall of your hall and you won’t need to rummage in your bag or pocket for a phone to see how fast you have to walk to the bus stop, or how much time you have before the oven needs to go on when you get home.

Pick a scaled-up design like this one and you can employ the stylist’s trick of cheating a space into seeming larger than it really is into the bargain.

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A bunch of flowers is a welcome addition to a hallway, but how much nicer (not to mention time- and money-saving) would it be to have a permanent display of greenery? Plants add a living element that’s a joy, as well as introducing interesting shapes – especially if you opt for a mixed collection, as here.

Adapt the display to the space available. Gathering a group of plants at mid-height on a dedicated tray table or stand may work if there’s a niche, or fit them on a shelf or console table. In large halls there’s space to go to town with tall plants in pots at floor level.

If a lack of natural light is an issue, consider some of the convincing artificial foliage around these days.

How to keep houseplants alive

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A reed diffuser
Strike the right (scented) note in the hallway by setting out a reed diffuser on a console table or slim shelf. The reeds draw up the fragrance and disperse it, so you and your visitors are greeted by a pleasant – but not overpowering – aroma every time anyone walks through the front door.

Unlike a candle, a reed diffuser doesn’t need to be lit, so there are no worries about leaving it unattended, nor extinguishing it thoroughly, but the signature aroma you’ve chosen is permanently gently present.

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An umbrella stand
Traditional it may be, but it’s time to bring back this practical hallway storage. Position it near the door and there’s no last-minute scrabbling around for a brolly on wet days.

This one’s an antique version that warms up the hall with a copper finish, but there are sleek, modern designs to suit contemporary homes available, too.

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A post rack
Sorting the junk mail from vital documents is so much easier with a dedicated hallway system like this one. A joiner might be able to build one in, or you could simply hang metal baskets on the wall for a touch of industrial style. A freestanding sorter on a console table is even simpler to introduce.

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