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What Colour Should I Paint My Front Door?

Ring the changes with a standout shade – after all, first impressions do count

Decisions, decisions… do you go for classic black or shocking pink, calming blue or stately green? For inspiration on how to make your front door the star of the street, check out the colourful selection below.

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Think pink
Well hello… Get the neighbours talking with an unusual (but lovely) shade of pink. Not shocking, but not shy and retiring either, this salmon shade works particularly well with the surrounding painted grey woodwork.

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Make a match
A more mellow hello is offered by this pale door, which perfectly matches the gentle tone of the stone walls. And it proves that you don’t need to shout to get noticed. Mini olive trees in terracotta pots on either side of the door break up the colour block and add to the rustic feel.

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Go back to black
It’s hardly the all-singing, all-dancing front-door option, but black remains incredibly popular for a reason. It looks super smart, it never dates and it suits all styles of house. But to make sure it looks chic instead of bleak, add some smart potted topiary, sturdy-looking ironmongery in chrome or brass, and make sure the rest of the paintwork is crisp and bright. Job done.

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Join the navy
A deep indigo is a bright alternative to black or grey, and it’s different enough to turn heads. The owners of this house went for a matt finish to give their period cottage a modern edge.

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Transform with yellow
There’s no number on the door, and why would there need to be? The owner would simply have to tell everyone, “You can’t miss it – it’s the house with the yellow door.” The painted white brickwork and grey-framed windows add to the standout modern look.

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Go green
To ensure there’s no colour clash with the greenery in your front garden, you could opt for a soft woodland green like this one for the door. This shade also works well with the mellow yellow tones of London stock bricks.

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Rock the red look
Matching the style of the front door to the style of the house is important. A bright-red door might seem a bit out-there for a traditional home, but not if it has a classic panelled design and trad brassware that will tone down the ‘loudness’ of the shade.

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Be bold
Now here’s something you don’t see very often – an orange front door. But in the ‘notice me’ stakes, this vibrant shade is hard to beat. And if you ever get bored with it, a whole new look is just a tin of paint away.

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Meet halfway
Want a colour that is cheery, but can’t see yourself embracing an ultra-bright shade? For a more softly-softly approach, this duck-egg-blue could be just right – and it would work just as well against a white exterior as it does teamed with this red brick.

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Raise it up
If you love the colour you’ve chosen for your front door, why not use it on the window frames, too? Of course, if you’ve gone for orange (see above) it’s probably best to just use it on the door.

The bright blue here, however, suits the coastal feel of the house and works particularly well against the grey cladding and white rendered wall.

What colour have you plumped for? Share your photos in the Comments below.

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