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Small Garden? You’ll Want to See These 7 Tiny Shed Ideas

These petite sheds are perfect for small gardens or tiny terraces

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Whatever size plot you’re the proud owner of, you’ll probably need to invest in some kind of storage to safely stash your outdoor kit and garden tools. If space is tight in your little oasis, this can be a challenge, but don’t dismiss the notion – these small but perfectly formed shed ideas might be just the ticket.

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Pick a shallow design
If you only have room for a shallow storehouse for stashing garden supplies, a style like this is both pretty and practical and would sit against a garden wall or fence without taking up too much precious floor space.

Look for a model that’s shallow in depth but generous in height to maximise vertical storage space and build up, not out. Choose a style with adjustable shelves, too, in order to make the space work perfectly for you.

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Tuck in a tool shed
More of a sentry box than a traditional shed, this compact outbuilding is the perfect size for storing tools and essential garden supplies, so would be a good choice for a small garden or terrace.

Lining the interior with hooks, peg rails or slim shelves will ensure every inch is maximised and the small space remains neat and organised.

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Think outside the box
I bet you didn’t expect to see a mini shed under here. A truly novel way to use a tricky space, the oversized obelisk was built to conceal an air conditioning unit, but the vertical space above is perfect for storing tall garden tools, too. Close to the house and easy to access, it’s a creative solution if space is at a premium.

If you have an existing alcove or unused corner, however small, perhaps you could transform it with some clever, bespoke joinery to create your own version of this decorative solution.

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Choose country style
This little outbuilding is like a country cottage in perfect miniature – proof that small can also be stylish. The stable door, tiled roof and shiplap cladding combine to create a chic little space that tucks into a shady corner of the garden.

If space is really tight, children’s playhouses are an alternative option to consider, as they usually have smaller proportions than a regular shed and can be neatly tucked into a small space.

Painting a regular shed or playhouse with a classic white wood stain and updating the roof felt with shingles or peg tiles will create a fun feature and help to detract from the fact that it’s on the small side.

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Extend your shed
This compact shed has been cleverly extended thanks to a flat-roof canopy, which creates an open-air potting station along the length of one side. If you’re already the owner of a tiny shed, this would be a relatively straightforward way to upgrade it without visually blocking sightlines through the garden – essential in a small space.

Such a shelter would provide useful cover from the elements and create a space for sowing seeds, taking cuttings and general garden pottering.

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Camouflage it
You have two main options if outdoor space is tight but you need to squeeze in a shed. You can either turn it into a feature and celebrate it with cheerful paint colours and fun styling, or you can tuck it away and do your best to encourage it to blend in.

This slim shed demonstrates the latter approach, as it’s carefully tucked away against a wall on one side and painted a soft sage green to allow it to melt into the garden planting scheme.
It’s a nice idea to grow a climber up the side, too, so in time it will be largely camouflaged.

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Go micro
I defy you to say you don’t have space for this micro shed! Perhaps a touch too petite for most gardens, this would be a fun addition to an urban balcony or tiny terrace, providing storage space for the very bare essentials.

It would also be a great idea for children, with the blackboard door acting as a novel way to leave secret messages to each other. Alternatively, it could serve as a daily reminder of garden jobs.

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