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Should I Paint My Garden Fence Black?

If you’re wondering which colour to paint your boundary, here are 7 reasons to go over to the dark side

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Black surfaces, trims and accessories are finding their way into every room of our homes at the moment, but would you consider this dark hue for your garden fence? Black might be bold, but it’s actually more versatile than you might think. Take a look at these reasons to give it a whirl to help you decide whether to create a dark border for your outside space.

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Form a frame
This striking contemporary garden design is perfectly complemented by the black fence. The dark surface forms a definite frame around the perimeter and finishes off the layout.

If you want to frame your own space, it’s worth considering dark fencing, as a black edge will give much more definition than a lighter shade.

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Highlight pale surfaces
The paving on this terrace is an attractive pale shade, which might have been lost without the dark fence next to it. The black contrasts with the light patio to really bring out the white, pink, grey and beige tones in the paving slabs.

When you’re picking your fence colour, it’s important to consider the rest of the hard landscaping in the garden. Many dark surfaces, for example, will create a cosy look, but might also overwhelm the space.

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Zone your space
With the trend for gardens to be as much an extra room as a leafy haven, our outdoor spaces often have to fulfil many roles, from dining area to play space to living room. Paint can help to zone a busy garden, however big or small it is, and a contrasting colour works best.

Here, the black fence clearly marks out the seating area at the far end as a separate zone, with black raised beds along the length of the garden forming a subtle link between the front and back.

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Showcase bright planting
If you want to display vivid blooms beautifully, a black fence can work wonders. It creates a versatile canvas to showcase bright flowers in purples, reds, pinks and yellows. Rather than blending in with their surroundings, plants can shine against the dark surface.

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Contrast with greenery
It isn’t only flowers that look beautiful next to black – foliage is just as striking. The solid shapes of these box hedges are a stunning design against the dark fence behind. Experiment with the plants you choose – these ones are a bright shade, but a paler green could work just as well.

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Create cohesion
Many of us are using darker materials on our windows, doors and extensions. If you’ve incorporated black surfaces on the rear façade of your property, you could carry the look through to your garden.

Here, the dark lines of the extension and pergola have been replicated on the garden fence. By using the same shade, the designers have created a harmonious connection between the house and garden.

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Keep it cosy
Create a snug, intimate seating area by surrounding the space with black fences. Here, the small terrace has been given a cosy feel with a wall of black overlaid with luscious green foliage.

The furniture is also black, which allows it to blend into the background, adding an extra layer of cosiness to the space.

Tell us…
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