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Garden Lounger Ideas

Tired of weeding the flowerbeds? Take a break and consider one of these garden seating ideas

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As much as you might love mowing the lawn, there’s more to enjoying your outside space than gardening. If you want to soak up the sun and relax, it’s worth bringing in some furniture you can lounge on.

There are a number of options, and your choice will depend on the size of your garden, how you want to store your furniture and even which position you prefer to relax in. Check out these ideas to help you pick the right lounging designs for your outside space.

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Go horizontal
If you want to take it really easy, a sunbed is just the ticket for providing a comfortable surface for lying down, reading and dozing off.

A wooden model looks naturally elegant in an outdoor setting, but be aware that wood can be heavy to transport. If you think you’re going to want to move your bed in and out of the shade, choose one with wheels that will easily slide along the ground.

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For garden furniture that’s tough and durable, choose designs made of metal. The sunbeds here match the table and chairs and can be dressed up with cushions.

The beauty of metal is that it can be left outside all year round, and the surface is super-easy to clean with washing-up liquid or a metal-cleaning product.

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Remember these? If you’re a child of the 1970s, there’s a good chance you had some canvas and metal-framed sunbeds in your garden.

They’re light to carry and don’t require any extra cushions. And they look just as good in this contemporary garden as they did in the disco decade.

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Plump for propped up
Looking for a lounger that keeps you more upright? Choose a reclining chair that allows you to put your feet up while staying vertical.

Metal versions that fold away are flexible and practical, but, for something different, try a wicker design like these. You won’t be able to adjust your reclining level, but wicker should be light enough to move around.

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Another good-looking seating design is the classic Adirondack chair, which comes in a reclining version.

It looks beautiful and is wonderfully comfortable, but as it’s made of wood, it will be heavier than a wicker design, so less easy to shift around to follow the sun or shade.

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Create a corner
Replicate the ever-popular L-shaped living room sofa with an outdoor version in rattan, wood or plastic.

This one has plenty of room for a couple of people to sprawl out on, but can double up as sociable seating when friends come over.

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If your space is too limited for a cumbersome corner sofa, make use of the wall space by building in some bench seating instead. This wooden ledge fills the area along two walls to really maximise the space.

To turn it into a lounging zone, add plenty of cushions to rest your head on.

Tempted? Find carpenters and joiners in your area

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Make it mini
Your garden sofa doesn’t have to be large. On this tiny terrace, the designers have tucked in a two-seater that’s just big enough for relaxing. The key element is, once again, the cushions, which can provide a head rest.

If your lounging options aren’t large enough to really stretch out on, make use of other items, such as a coffee table or stool, which can double up as a footrest.

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Hang out
The ultimate way to chill out in your garden is to rock off to sleep in a hammock.

These swinging canvas beds are ridiculously easy to add to your outdoor space, as long as you have two trees or fence posts to tie one to.

And when it’s time to get back to the weeding? Simply take it down, fold it up and tuck it away.

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Get in the swing
An upright version of the traditional hammock is a suspended bubble chair. You can purchase ones that hang from a strong structure above – perfect if you have a sturdy tree or pergola.

Alternatively, go for a swing chair that comes with its own stand, like the one in this country garden.

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Bag yourself a beanbag
If you’d like a garden lounging option that you can also use indoors, consider a beanbag. You can find designs in water-resistant fabrics and with comfortable backs for reclining.

If you do want to bring your beanbag indoors, make sure you choose one made of an easy-to-clean material.

Also think about the surface you put it on. Soft decking like this is preferable to hard stone, as you’re sitting at ground level – or try an outdoor rug under your legs.

Tell us…
How have you created a lounging area in your garden? Share your ideas in the Comments section

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