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9 Autumn-cosy Gardens, Patios and Balconies

Soften the transition to chilly weather by getting your garden geared up to make the most of the autumn months

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Don’t head inside at the first nip in the air; instead, equip your garden with an autumn-friendly setup to make it cosy for the coming months. Don some layers and face fall like the Scandinavians, who get their hygge hit outside cafés, grabbing a blanket when it gets cold.

Embrace autumn by eking out every last second of clement weather, revelling in late sunshine and burnished-leaf-strewn lawns. Here are a few inspiring examples to show you how.

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Create a cosy corner
Wooden decking and furniture dries quickly in a sunny spot. Keep a pile of blankets and cushions in a basket near the back door and you’ll quickly be able to snuggle up with a book to enjoy the last of the year’s light evenings.

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Ponder an outdoor room
Whether it’s a summerhouse with the doors thrown open or a wooden veranda, sheltered spaces with an outdoor element suit all weathers. Crisp, cold days are a dream setup for Sunday roasts. Dress the table with candles and foliage to create an atmospheric afternoon.

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Get your glow back
Effective lighting can make all the difference to your garden’s autumn appeal. Subtle uplights positioned to highlight key plants will transform a black hole into an illuminated idyll, drawing you towards the outside space. Even a simple string of festoon lights will work wonders.

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Add an alfresco kitchen
If you love being outdoors, a dedicated alfresco cookspace could keep you barbecuing well into autumn. And it doesn’t have to be as elaborate as this impressive example – the main consideration is finding a suitably wind-sheltered spot.

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Fixate on a fire pit
Create impact for autumn entertaining with a freestanding fire pit. Combine your cast iron fire bowl with hurricane lanterns, piles of blankets and a glass of mulled wine for maximum guest appreciation factor.

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Languish in luxe furs
Make an apartment balcony cocoon-cosy with faux-fur throws. Turn off central heating, open the bifolds, grab a hot chocolate and lose an hour watching the world go by.

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Gather round a fireplace
An outdoor fireplace is a simple construction and one that could extend your garden’s useful season. This white rendered wall with in-built fireplace and chimney is located on a lower level, creating a private space and attractive focal point for the courtyard.

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Find all-weather fabrics
For cushions that won’t be damaged by a few unexpected showers, look for ones made of polypropylene or PVC-coated polyester. These rainproof fabrics are water- and mould-resistant, but should still be stored somewhere dry once winter sets in.

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Turn up the heat
The new generation of outdoor heaters aren’t as environmentally unfriendly as their predecessors. This infrared option can be hung overhead to provide gentle warmth and LED lighting for your outside area. And remember, a large umbrella or awning will act as an insulator even without a heat source.

How do you use your garden in autumn? Or do you abandon it until spring rolls round again? Let us know in the Comments below.


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