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8 Container Gardens That Prove You Don’t Need Flowerbeds

Check out these luscious outside spaces to find out how container plants can look gorgeous in your garden

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If your outside space doesn’t have room for flowerbeds, that doesn’t mean you have to scrimp on blooms and foliage. Take a look at these gardens and patios to get inspiration for creating a green space using plant pots and containers.

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Add some height
Trees are a great way to add interest and privacy in a garden, and they can work just as well in pots or troughs as in flowerbeds. There are many varieties that don’t grow too big and are suitable for containers, including fruit trees and Japanese maples (acers).

These olive trees give this outdoor space a sophisticated, Mediterranean feel. Their slim, pale leaves don’t block too much light while still boosting privacy.

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Mix and match
Don’t feel you have to keep things sparse and uncluttered on a small patio – this cosy terrace is anything but. The owners have mixed different-sized planters, including a huge pot for an ornamental tree.

By choosing an eclectic mix of pots and plants, you can surround your patio to create a snug, intimate area that looks green and luscious.

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Create a hideaway
A lounge area is the perfect place to incorporate container plants, as they can be moved around to strategically create privacy. The decked upper zone of this garden is surrounded by pots, which give the seating area a secret-garden feel.

If you want your container garden to look good all year round, make sure you include some evergreen plants, as the homeowners have done here.

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Go up the wall
Don’t have space for containers on your patio? How about using the walls instead? There’s very little space around the table in this cosy eating area, but that hasn’t prevented the designers adding plenty of greenery.

The low walls have just enough surface area to hold smart, slate-coloured containers, including two symmetrical pots of bamboo, a wide expanse of hedging below the living wall, and a container of mixed plants.

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Surround your seating
For a contemporary look, plant up your containers with flowers in the same colour scheme. This square seating area is surrounded by sleek, lead-look planters filled with purples and greens.

Even though the colour palette is minimal, the scented lavender and pretty campanula add plenty of depth and interest to the space.

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Try a trellis
Make more of your containers by putting in climbing plants at the back of the pot. The trailing bacopa and white-flowered impatiens in these planters are framed by the climbing jasmine behind. The great thing about a climber is that it can spread so much further than the container.

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Go for colour
It’s possible to add colour without compromising a streamlined, modern aesthetic. The key to using a bold mix of colours is to keep everything else coordinated. Here, a bright array of flowers and foliage has been planted in a group of matching black pots. The vivid hues add interest and character to the terrace, but the black containers help to ground the look.

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Grow an edible garden
A lack of flowerbeds needn’t stop you from having a vegetable patch – grow your edibles in planters instead. Here, a patio has been laid out with square-edged planters and terracotta pots – each one full of a mix of flowers, herbs and vegetables.

If you’re putting a variety of plants together, as they’ve done here, make sure you choose ones that thrive in the same type of soil. For example, keep acid-loving crops in the same container as other plants that need acidic soil. For vegetables with large root systems, choose a bigger pot and make sure you water everything frequently.

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