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7 Big Ideas to Inspire Your Barbecue Area

Looking forward to alfresco summer dining? Dream big with these creative ideas for building a barbecue zone

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If you’re planning to design a barbecue area for your outside space this summer, there are a number of creative things you can do. Take a look at these inspiring ideas to help you devise the perfect outdoor cooking zone for your garden

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Craft it with concrete
The barbecue area in this garden has been created with concrete blocks, then rendered smooth with cement and sand. The designers have combined a slot for the barbecue with undercounter storage, and have even managed to incorporate a sink.

The worktop and wall shelves are wood, so would need to be treated regularly to protect them from the elements.

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Shut it away
If you’ve invested in a snazzy barbecue, you probably won’t want it to get worn and rusty over the winter. To keep it under wraps without cluttering up the shed, how about giving it its own mini garage?

The designers of this contemporary terrace have made a bespoke timber hatch with enough room for the barbecue equipment. When the door’s raised, it provides shade from the sun – or shelter from a passing shower.

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Cook up a rustic flavour
For a traditional look, go for an old-fashioned wood-burning stove like this one. A brick-built oven provides a perfect spot for outdoor cooking, with plenty of space below for the log supply. Keep it simple, or add on some extras like the worksurface and sink attached to this design.

You don’t have to build something as elaborate as this one, however. A simple rectangular construction with a grill on top of a recess for charcoal will work just as well.

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Focus on freestanding
The great thing about a freestanding barbecue is that you can move it around whenever you want. If you’d still like the look of a built-in version, you could construct a work area for it to stand next to instead.

Here, a dark panelled space has been fitted with a row of units and a pergola for shade. The cohesive colour ties the whole area together to denote that it’s a cooking zone, but if the owners want to move the barbecue, they’re free to do so.

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Pull up a perch
How’s this for a cool patio? The designers have created a worksurface for the barbecue with a breakfast bar for casual dining alongside. It’s made from Portuguese limestone, so it’s suitable for all weathers and doesn’t need to be moved during the winter.

If your budget doesn’t stretch to a bespoke design like this one, there are rattan versions on the market, which you can position next to a freestanding barbecue to create a cooking and eating area.

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Find some shade
When you’re considering where to put your barbecue, it’s important to think about shade. It’s hot enough sizzling sausages without getting sunburnt!

In this garden, the owners have placed their freestanding barbecue in a shady corner. Even if it’s away from the house, the comfort will far outweigh the inconvenience of carrying plates of food across the lawn.

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Go wall to wall
Make the most of your patio’s dimensions by using all available wall space. This ready-made outdoor kitchen fits perfectly along the side of the patio and stretches the whole width.

If a piece like this doesn’t suit your measurements or your budget, you could construct something similar (without the sink perhaps) with second-hand kitchen units and a worksurface. However, it’s important to ensure the surfaces are all protected against outdoor conditions.

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